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Sleep Improver Pack – Snuggle down with this hypnosis audio pack and start sleeping better tonight.
Diminish Alcohol Abuse Pack – Bolster your supervised medical alcohol withdrawal with this robust hypnosis pack and get back in control of your life.
Drink Less Wine Pack – Use hypnosis to keep wine in its place and give your mind and body a break
Overcome Noise Sensitivity Pack – Reduce the impact of nasty noises with 5 relaxing hypnosis audios
Mindfulness Meditation Pack – Save money with this focusing, relaxing hypnosis 5-pack
Be More Persuasive Pack – Deliver your ideas with power and persuasiveness and get people onside
Supreme Sports Success Pack – Keep your eyes on the prize in all you do and develop the mental attitude to take you to the top
Be True to Yourself Pack – Be yourself, an original is worth more than a copy.
Boost Your Creativity Pack – Kick start your creativity now with these 5 hypnosis sessions
Overcome Your Nervous Breakdown Pack – Relax deeply with hypnosis, then start to feel recover, step by step
Overcome Panic Attacks Pack – Use hypnosis to re-educate your unconscious mind about when anxiety is warranted
Control My Emotions Pack – Use this money-saving hypnosis pack to stop getting high-jacked by your emotions
Stop Blushing Pack – Boost your defences against blushing using relaxing hypnosis
End of a Relationship Pack – Find relief from the pain of a relationship breakdown and feel optimistic about the future
Heal The Past Pack – Heal the emotional hurts from your past and free up your energy to embrace your future
Confident Dating Pack – To be truly confident dating, use this money-saving hypnosis pack to embed your relationship skills
Self Growth Starter Pack – 5 hypnosis sessions to help you ‘sharpen your saw’
Better Thinking Pack – Polish your thinking skills using hypnosis and make better, quicker decisions
Be Less Negative Pack – Developing positive habits of mind will help you in more ways than you can imagine
Manage Your Anger Pack – Stop uncontrolled, irrational anger poisoning your relationships and damaging your health.
Heal Your Marriage Pack – Get some help making your marriage work with these powerful, gentle hypnosis sessions
Feel Attractive Pack for Women – Become more relaxed and confident about your appearance and attractiveness using hypnosis
Complete Stress Management Pack – Develop attitudes of mind that will protect you from stress in all areas of your life
Seeding Success Pack – Don’t let the next opportunity pass you by – prepare your mind to take full advantage
Advanced Social Skills Pack – Learn to let your social skills shine by teaching your conscious mind to take a back seat
Assert Yourself Pack – Learn to say what you mean, calmly and clearly with this 5 audio hypnosis pack
Increase Productivity Pack – Develop effective and efficient habits of mind to power up your productivity
Be More Centered Pack – Learn advanced mind skills to allow you to stay centered in any situation
Successful Studying Pack – Eradicate the stress of poor studying performance by training your brain to focus, absorb and recall effectively
Stop Feeling Inferior Pack – Overcome feelings of inferiority that can sabotage your best efforts at making progress in life
Stop Sex Obsession Pack – Escape the exhausting clutches of sex obsession and start feeling human again
Boost Low Self Esteem Hypnosis Pack – Lifting your low self esteem is easier than you think, do it right and you can feel radically better
Beat Fear and Anxiety Hypnosis Pack – 5 carefully selected sessions to help you overcome excess fear and anxiety for good
Public Speaking Fear Hypnosis Pack – Banish your public speaking nerves – and actually enjoy your next presentation.
Ultimate Concentration Pack – Fulfil your potential by training your brain to maintain laser-like focus and concentration
Overcome Shyness Pack – Rip off the ‘shy’ label and really enjoy making new friends.
Quick Confidence Hypnosis Pack – A 5-session series carefully selected to develop deep confidence for all life’s challenges.
Personal Motivation Pack – Train your unconscious mind to deliver all the personal motivation you need
Total Fitness Motivation Pack – Escape the boom-and-bust pattern of exercise by permanently changing your unconscious attitude to fitness.
Power Positivity Pack – Develop a robustly positive attitude and habits of thought that will guide you to greater success and protect you from negativity
New You Pack – 5 hypnosis audios to kick start your personal development
Manage Your Money Pack – Adopt the strategies of a careful spender and avoid financial problems
New Baby Pack – 5 essential hypnosis sessions for new mums, supporting you from the first trimester to caring for a new baby
Attracting Women Pack – 5 hypnosis sessions to train your mind and body to give off the right signals to women
Male Sexual Performance Pack – Smash your sexual anxieties and be confident you can perform
Anti-aging hypno-pack – Re-energise yourself with our anti aging 5 hypnosis audio pack
Feel lighter hypno-pack – Shed light on darker days with these 5 mood boosting hypnosis audios
Insomnia Beater Pack – Retrain your mind and body to fall asleep fast, and say goodnight to insomnia
Pure Hypno-fun Pack – 5 imaginative hypnosis sessions to take you on fabulous journeys in your mind
Weight Management – Develop the psychological approaches to food of naturally slim people
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