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Sleep Improver Pack – Snuggle down with this hypnosis audio pack and start sleeping better tonight.


Sleep Improver Pack – Snuggle down with this hypnosis audio pack and start sleeping better tonight.

We can normally cope with missing a few hours sleep now and again.  Sure, we might be a bit fuzzy the morning after but nothing a quick coffee and an early bed can't fix.  But when unreliable sleep becomes a regular feature in your life, all the coffee in Columbia isn't going to cut it long-term and your health and sparkle will suffer.

Fall asleep and stay asleep with hypnosis

Listening to a hypnosis audio when you're ready to fall asleep, gently guides you along the natural falling asleep process your body has forgotten lately and gets you back on track for a good night's sleep.  Regularly listening to the audios reminds your mind and body what it intrinsically knows how to do, and builds up your sleep bank so if you do miss a few hours now and again, you will be in a much better state.

Note: Chronic insomnia may benefit from a slightly different approach, and we've got a different hypnosis pack designed for you here. However, if sleep has started to let you down and you're less confident about falling asleep, this Sleep Improver Pack is for you.

Five Sessions Pack

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The Sleep Improver Pack contains these 5 carefully selected sessions:

  • Drift Off to Sleep – an essential hypnosis session to help you switch off from the daily buzz and switch on your natural ability to relax and fall asleep.
  • Sleep and Dream – re-train your mind and body to fall into a sound sleep.
  • Night Worry – take the emotional charge out of night time worries and deal with real problems at a more appropriate time.
  • Ten Minute Power Nap – sneak in a restorative nap into your day, to compensate for missed night time hours.
  • Bounce Out of Bed – stop being sluggish and start the day with energy and enthusiasm.

Start with the ‘Drift Off to Sleep' and ‘Sleep and Dream' hypnosis audio sessions, which fade out so you can continue sleeping peacefully, all night long.  The ‘Ten Minute Power Nap' is a super efficient way to access the REM state during the day, and calm down a tired, stressed brain priming it for a good night's sleep later on. As you regularly listen to the different sessions, you will naturally start to wake feeling rested and ready to go, and the ‘Bounce of Bed' session boosts your morning energy levels.

The Sleep Improver Pack is a perfect travelling companion, to aid your sleep when you're away from home or if your daily schedule is likely to be disrupted.

Download the Sleep Improver Pack and start sleeping better tonight.

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