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Learn the Untold Secrets To reducing your Covid STRESS and anxiety and free yourself from your past

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Why conquering your Covid-19 stress & anxiety should be your number one priority RIGHT NOW!

2020 was a tough year, and it isn't getting any easier, you were stressed before, but now…

Your anxiety is through the roof, and it’s now starting to really hit home.

You don’t feel comfortable doing all of the things you used to do, and you want that to change

You just want to feel safe, happy and ready for what comes next

Learn how your habits and behaviours are making you tired, anxious and stressed as well as how to overcome your fears and master your future.

Living with anxiety and overwhelm is an ongoing struggle for so many people in today’s world. The crippling feelings of stress and self doubt, worrying about everything that might go wrong and everything could go wrong are non relenting.

If that’s you, maybe you’ve been self isolating even in times when there is no need, or more than you need (regardless of restrictions and rules). Locking yourself away from the world and perhaps not speaking up when you know you should. You feel nervous and unsure often and you don’t really know why.

You’ve tried talking to friends and family or even therapy but it all just seems to take too long. You don’t want these feelings to keep dragging on. You don’t want to be on long term medication for it either. Other people just don’t understand what you’re going through and just don’t seem to get it.

At Make Changes we’ve helped many people to overcome the feelings of anxiety and shutting themselves away more than necessary and get back to thriving and engaging with the world again. In a relatively short time, you too could feel more balanced and at ease within yourself.

After a short initial phone chat, we identify what course of action we feel would best suit you. We book in your appointments for a time that works for you.

  • Feel safe – Wouldn’t it be great if you could go shopping without feeling unsafe? Feel relaxed, and feel rejuvenated
  • Look forward to the future again – Rather than seeing only the challenges ahead, free yourself to see the opportunities ahead
  • Make the most of now regardless of what’s happening – Stressful things are happening all of the time, but learn to cope with this, thrive and achieve regardless of the situation around you
  • Stop feeling trapped or paralysed – Move forward with the things that are important to you. From looking at that new job opportunity, to planning social activities. Become a master of your own actions


Will this stress just go away by itself? It can start to ease quite quickly and it doesn’t have to be hard work to feel better.

Why is this important to work on? A small amount of stress is OK and in fact it can get you out of bed and achieving things. But if it gets out of hand, then it’s worth changing. High levels of stress and anxiety is not your natural state and long term are not good for you at all. 

How fast will I see results? Within a matter of a couple of weeks or less, most of our clients are starting to feel much better.

What sorts of methods do we use? We use a range of methods including NLP, hypnosis and other proven tools. We teach some of these to you so you can use them in the years to come to keep you feeling good.

How do I know it will work for me? We have a chat before you book in to see if we think this will be right for you. Usually if you are willing to engage and follow our suggestions, you can expect to see a range of positive changes.

What next?

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No more self-criticism and hiding away. No more feelings of fear and self doubt.

Make an enquiry today and let’s get started towards changing your life for the better!


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