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Use the power of your subconscious mind overcome Trypanophobia

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Eliminate your fear of needles, blood and blood tests that is limiting your life in so many ways.

Overcome Trypanophobia (Fear of Needles)

Overcome Your Fear of Needles

is one of the top most commonly held fears of humans. In current times it is possibly more limiting than ever before.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could decide what vaccines or procedures you did or didn’t have from a level headed place of choice, rather than fear and avoidance?

What are you pushing away due to a fear of needles, blood or blood tests?

Even though you know getting a vaccine or needle is something you might want to consider, like so many of your family and friends who can do it without hesitation, you just can’t bring yourself to even think about it.

You aren’t alone.

So many people are struggling right now to overcome a long held fear of needles, vaccines or blood tests and it’s limiting them in a wide range of ways.

Whether you would call it fear of needles, Trypanophobia  a phobia, a hesitation, an aversion, or a crippling anxiety that stops you in your tracks – the name doesn’t really matter – you just know how it feels to you.

You’re done with holding yourself back. You haven’t had blood tests for years even though you know you possibly should for one reason or another.

You also know it’s an irrational fear of the procedure, and it’s most likely actually not all that bad. Maybe something happened years ago that logically caused the phobia or fear of needles to start with, but you know that’s in the past and would like to move on from it. Even if you don’t know where it started that’s OK too.

Possibly even reading these words about the subject is enough to stress you out (sorry about that!), but I know from working with many clients and helping them to overcome a wide range of fears and phobia’s, that it’s likely true for you as well.

Overcomming Trypanophobia will allow you to do more

The goal isn't to make you feel happy at the idea of needles, it's simply to not feel frightned, panicked or incapacitated by it.

If you conquer your fear of needles, you can

  • Find it more easily to dental treatment
  • Have vaccines to improve your health, safety and travel choices
  • Get blood tests, making medical decisions easier
  • Have medical treatments that may otherwise be avoided
  • Get a tattoo
  • Hold a job requiring vaccination injections

Just imagine what you could do, if you didn't feel limited.

Would you like more choice?

At Make Changes we are proud to have helped many people take back the choice over what they would like to do in many areas of their lives and including the option to make an informed decision about a medical procedure.

Whether they were suffering from a fear of needles, a fear of blood and or a fear of blood tests, or other worries, by getting rid of that fear and feeling much more confident in themselves their lives have simply become simpler and opened up in so many ways – and in surprising ways even beyond what they initially expected.

Just a few of the opportunities that we know of are increased job or workplace and career options, the ability to travel and even being able to consider having a family.

Whether your aim is to have a vaccine, get a blood test done for your health purposes or even to start a family or something else entirely different, providing you are willing and wanting to make the changes for yourself, we are confident we can help you to get there.

Hypnosis to help eliminate the fear of needles is well known to be effective, safe and doesn’t have to take a long time.

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