Is Coronavirus making you stressed? Maybe it’s time to make some changes

2020 has been an interesting year to say the least, with just the first 6 months beginning with massive bush fires, before a deadly pandemic and now staring down the barrel of a recession.

So it’s been challenging….

But those are not the only challenges that most people are facing.

As a result of these hardships, many are dealing with working from home, job losses, family challenges and more.

This means adjustment. Adjustment to the new normal, and then adjusting more as what is needed changes by the day.

If you have found this overwhelming, you are not the only one.

For years, we have helped people achieve their goals, feel better, to accept change and to overcome lifelong habits and challenges.
Hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool in the arsenal for change.

But like most things, it won’t work without your commitment.

But this post (and this series of posts) isn’t about hypnotherapy, it’s about a wide range of actions that you can take on a daily basis to achieve long-lasting and positive change in your life.

Why is now the perfect time to make changes?

There are so many reasons why now is the best time to make a change.

Because everyone is feeling more under stress than previously. Media for the last 6 months has been focused almost entirely on 4 topics, all of massive social impact.

It’s been an avalanche of stressful news that simply couldn’t be avoided. But of course, it’s not just the news. As a result of COVID-19, businesses have changed the way they operate, people are more frequently working from home, and children are often not in school. Quite simply, it’s been a time of massive change

Because we may be facing more challenges

Resiliency is essential in this time of change. Coming into the start of the year the economy wasn’t the best, but by now it’s well and truly under stress. We cannot say what is to come, but most are expecting further job losses, and a shrinking economy with words like recession, and even depression being spoken about frequently.

Those with the right mindset are more able to bounce back, take the right actions, and perform best in these challenging times.

Because there is no time like the present!

Why would you wait to feel better? To do better? And to achieve more?

Waiting simply doesn’t help anyone.

Maybe you will decide certain ideas outlined here are not ready for action just yet, but there are so many steps you can take without taking inappropriate risks.


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