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If you are interested in weight loss then you've come to the right place.

You know being overweight isn't good for you. You know the biggest cost and we're not talking about cash. The emotional and physical costs are high. Of course with medicines, medical appointments and procedures, the financial costs are very real too. With our proven strategies we can help you achieve your weight loss goals, and feel great.

So why is it that people don't succeed in losing weight? .. and more than that, why is it so hard for many people to not only reach a healthy and ideal weight, but to maintain it as well? After all we know there are dozens, even hundreds of weight loss programs and diets out there?

Why is it so hard to lose weight.. and what makes hypnotherapy work so well?

The main reason is that we are all so different…

– some people are just afraid of change, deep down- some don’t want to go through the effort and pain they think losing weight or ‘diet's' involve- some don’t think they have the willpower that's necessary to lose weight- some eat to relax or ease stress- some people think they're addicted to certain foods, or eating in general

Our patterns around eating, and other behaviour that govern our weight, start off  as a conscious effort at first. Over time they become unconscious habits. Once these patterns are well established our weight can become set at a particular level that is maintained automatically! No wonder it can be hard to lose weight!

Unless you deal with your varied, hidden and unique reasons and triggers first, you'll likely keep struggling with getting rid of that extra weight – or it will just keep coming back – plus some!

With our systems, we use a well proven combination of NLP, that's Neuro Linguistic Programming & Advanced Hypnosis. Using these two techniques we give you the power to direct your own mind with laser-beam-focus to not only lose weight,  but to then keep it off. Using our proven weight loss strategies, we have high success rates. Not only that, we offer ongoing support, and keep in touch.

We work together during a series of one on one sessions. These sessions are as unique as you are, and tailored to your needs. This all builds to ensure you get the support you need to be successful in getting to your goals.

successful in getting to your goals

We spend the time to deal with what has been going on for you. The program is tailored for you, and your specific needs, reasons and circumstances.

This really is a unique, tried and tested, proven program that's unlike anything you have ever seen before. It's putting a new lifestyle in place. It's fun. Getting to your ideal weight is the natural result.

How does hypnosis work for weight loss?

Our minds work on two different levels – the unconscious and the conscious. In the main, our decision making, rational thinking and action taking uses our conscious mind. Then we have the unconscious mind. This controls our habits and patterns of behaviour. Using the (relaxed) state of hypnosis we can communicate directly with the unconscious mind. This is why it can be quick and easy to change habits built over a lifetime with hypnotherapy. So you really can lose enough weight to reach your ideal weight – and it can be easy!

Will this work for me?

Are you able to follow instructions? Do you have an average IQ? If you're reading this page, the answer is probably a yes. Almost anyone with an average IQ can be successful using this system. Because the sessions are all custom tailored to you and your individual reasons, triggers and needs, it works well for most people. We find that the vast majority of our clients are successful. So there is every reason you will be as well.

How will I know if it works?

Well that's easy… you'll notice you're feeling great. Your clothes will be fitting better. You'll be feeling healthier and happier. The scales will tell you as well! At your initial session we will explain how everything works. In each of the following one on one sessions we build on the last. Over a time period that's right for you, you'll feel better, lighter and healthier as we go. We keep in touch between sessions and give you additional support along the way.  We work with you and ensure you set realistic and achievable goals, for as long, and whatever it takes.

Is this system safe?

Absolutely, yes it is!  It's based on both advanced hypnosis and the latest NLP techniques. It's unique and holistic, covering mindset, activity and healthy eating. All steps and elements are completely safe.  With the natural state of hypnosis and using NLP, you are aware and in control at all times.  With each of the elements of our unique lifestyle system, there are no crazy regimes, no “fads”. This is something you'll want to keep doing to stay on track – and besides it's enjoyable. An average person (yes that's you) won't have any difficulty following the different elements of the program – and if you do, the system is tailored anyway! It changes with you.

Client’s often comment on how ‘do-able’ everything we cover is, and that it’s surprisingly easy to add into their everyday lives.

How does this program help me lose weight?

As your reasons for not being able to lose weight (in the past!) are personal and different from anyone else’s – the steps you will need to take and changes required are going to be unique to you as well.  We tailor each of your sessions to meet your specific needs. It's simple, if you follow the system, you will lose weight … You will succeed. You are backed up by our unique ongoing support between sessions and even ongoing if you like. It's not necessary but some clients chose this as they enjoy the one on one and ongoing interaction – and besides the hypnotherapy we do is relaxing!

What this is NOT

– It's not many things….

no gyms, treadmills, expensive equipment, no major weights, no fad diets, no ongoing fees, no gimmicks… and this is NOT like any other weight loss program or system you've used before.

Diet and exercise only make up a portion of what it really takes to be successful in losing weight long term. So it’s no surprise at all that the vast majority of weight loss programs are not successful over the long haul.

Our methods turn conventional systems and thinking on their head's.. and they work!

How long does it take and where are sessions held?

We work both online using programs such as Zoom, and from clinics in Melbourne’s western suburbs. We spend the sessions working together, and each one on one session goes from between 90 minutes to 2 hours, plus as much additional support as you need outside of this. To be honest our sessions are so thorough this usually isn't much, so we're happy to offer it freely. We make sure you leave confident from every session, with everything you need to succeed.

During each of our sessions together we set new and realistic goals (and not all around weight), so you can watch your progress and start feeling great quite quickly. We tick things off as we go, and it's fun to see how things change in your life for the better.

  • You will take home a range of information, steps, support and a plan for between sessions.
  • You also get full supporting resources, and at times your own unique recordings to listen to between sessions
  • The accountability and support continues for the months to come, and then ongoing.

After the sessions.. you will be thrilled and delighted with the changes that have taken place quite quickly. When you follow our guidance and suggestions, you will reach the milestones we set together, and do what many people only dream about. Providing you follow our guidance and suggestions (and you have the support you need to do that), you will have achieved, or be well on the way to reaching your milestones around better health and reaching your ideal weight. You'll also be maintaining it with ease. You will then be supported, to the level you want or need, to achieve any other goals that you might chose to set for yourself.

As you continue to follow what you have learnt, you will then naturally maintain your healthy and ideal weight for life.  You will have our ongoing support.

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We use only proven strategies to help you lose weight. We are so confident that you will reach your goals, that we offer ongoing support. We meet for a series of one on one sessions (in person or online), as you achieve your goals and tick off milestones. Of course you need to follow our systems and suggestions, which as clients tell us, is easy to do.

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