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The Fear of Public Speaking is one of the most commonly held fears among adults. The worry about making a fool of yourself, stumbling over your words or just not knowing what to say is huge.

Even though you know you’re smart and you can speak fine in certain groups or among friends, in a larger group (or even to an online group) you seem to freeze and not know what to say. You’re worried about being judged or making a fool of yourself – just the thought of speaking in public, or to people in positions of influence gives you shivers down your spine.

It’s holding you back and limiting your options or career as you’ve possibly refused a promotion or simply not applied for jobs you were qualified for as you may have had to speak to certain groups as part of the position.

You have watched other people get ahead of you simply because they put their hand up, while you kept yours firmly down. You’re done with holding yourself back with what you know is an irrational fear. You know you’re more than capable and it’s time to let yourself shine and let others see what you’re capable of too..

Speak with Confidence

At Make Changes we have helped people in all types of roles to gain full confidence with speaking in a range of situations. Whether your aim is to speak freely to a small group of people at work or at a club, in front of thousands in a crowd or any other situation, we can help you to get there.

After a short initial phone consultation, we work out the best course of action that suits you. We book in your appointments and get you on the road to speaking freely quite soon.

Just click on the link below, complete your details and we will get back to you and get you on the path to speaking with ease, regardless of the situation.

No more choking back words. No more holding back from fear.

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