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You’ve probably been suffering for many years and depression is not a new feeling for you. Years of feeling more than low, motivation gone and possibly hiding yourself away from the world. Avoiding certain situations or people doesn’t seem to work in helping you to feel better. The natural state of hypnosis is a wonderful tool to help in treating depression for a range of reasons. It helps to calm down both the mind and body and ease high levels of cortisol and overthinking which are so common in people with depression

You’ve talked about your issues over and over but it’s not getting you where you want to go. Well meaning people make off the cuff comments that you should just ‘get over it’ and move on, but of course that doesn’t help. 

It used to be thought that hypnosis isn’t suitable for people with depression but we now know that’s not true.

As long as you’re committed to wanting things to be different (as strange as that may sound), it’s possible to change things and calm down your overactive mind.

Depression is often linked with overthinking the past, which leaves you not able to enjoy the now, and in no way looking forward to the future and because of the way you’re feeling now, it simply doesn’t look any better.

By helping you to calm down both the mind and stress levels in your body, we can help open you up to the possibility that things can get better. We work with you to build motivation to get your emotional needs met in healthy ways.

Just like we’ve done with many people who were feeling stuck like you, we work together on whatever is going on for you.

That could include things like getting a better quality of sleep, boosting self esteem,  self confidence  and calming down high stress levels and anxiety which often go hand in hand with depression. Hypnosis can help you to think in new and more resourceful ways and get you back to the state of feeling more normal and more balanced again.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could…

  • Stop overthinking everything
  • Leave the past in the past so that people, places and events don’t trigger negative thoughts and feelings
  • Sleep better, and wake feeling refreshed and looking forward to the day ahead
  • Feel at ease with yourself and the world around you
  • Enjoy your own company and downtime
  • Feel happy, content and at ease

You’re not broken

You need to know you are not irreparable and you don’t need to be fixed. You just need more balance in your ways of thinking and feeling, and that’s where we can help.

As long as you are a willing participant in your own change and open and willing to think in new ways and do things differently, positive change is absolutely possible for you.

It’s normal to start to feel better within just a couple of weeks or less with many of our clients feeling better after our first meeting

It would be hard for you to not feel better just by following our simple steps and suggestions. But it’s important to keep in mind that every person’s challenge is different, and so our approach will be unique to you.


How do I know it will work for me? – As long as you engage and take on your part in the process, there is every reason for you to expect to feel better, and quite soon.

What kind of success rates do we have? – We have high success rates with people that are wanting to make changes for themselves. You must be committed and willing to follow our lead.

Am I too complicated to fix? – We doubt it. Each of our clients is unique and has a unique story. The approach we take to help and guide you to feeling better will be as well.

Do people really feel happy all the time? – No and that’s not the aim of our work. We aim to help you to feel more balanced so you can safely experience a range of healthy emotions, without hiding away from them. The goal is feeling good and at ease more often than not.

Can I use other supports at the same time? – We are happy to have a chat about this before we start sessions. For the most part, the more supports you have on your side the better.

Will this issue just go away? – It takes effort and your engagement for things to change. As long as you play your part, (and we will do the same) it’s safe to expect that you should start to feel much better soon.

Why is this important to work on? – Because you’re worth it! You weren’t born feeling depressed and stuck. It’s simply not your natural state and there are reasons why you feel the way you do. We deal with those reasons and put them in the past. You are deserving of that and also of feeling much better.

How fast will I see results? – As you are an individual, that will depend on what is going on for you. We can say most of our clients (that fully engage in our work) start to feel much better quite quickly. It’s reasonable to think that you can too.

What sorts of methods do we use? – We use a combination of Hypnotherapy, NLP and other modalities to suit you. Our programs are tailored to the individual and what works well for one person, might not gel with another. We aren’t as attached to the method as much as we are the outcome and helping you to feel better.

What next?

At Make Changes we have helped many people to go from feeling depressed and stuck and like there is no path forward, to feeling good again and relieved that they have more control than they realised and relieved that it doesn’t have to take years to create change.

If you’d like to feel better and get back to really living again, make contact today and let’s talk about the possibilities that are open to you.

We’ll have an initial chat and work out if hypnotherapy and working together with us is right for you.

Call 1800 760 249 and together, let’s lighten that load that feels like it’s been on your shoulders for way too long.

We’ll work out a program tailored specifically to what’s going on for you and get you moving forward again. No more feeling stuck. No more years of struggle. Get rid of the emotional charge of the past and let’s get you back to your natural state of thriving and growing again.


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