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Wouldn’t it be great if you could feel calm and function around the issue you’ve had for way too long?

Using hypnosis could be the answer for you, and sooner than you might think.

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You’ve had this fear for so much longer than necessary. Perhaps it even served a function at one time in your life and it kept you safe (or it seemed that way), but now it’s just getting in the way.

It could be stopping you from living the life you want – whether that’s work opportunities, living where you want, travelling or just doing something you would like to do.

Others tell you to “just get over it, it’s safe”…. You know that it’s safe – logically – and if it was that simple you would have just gotten over it years ago.

The problem is that it’s not a logical problem – meaning it’s not a conscious problem.

That’s why talking about it, even talk therapy (which you’ve probably already done) doesn’t always help in the long run – it might have even made things worse.

You might be well aware that it’s an unconscious problem, something long buried…. and that’s the reason that dealing with it at an unconscious level is what works so well.

We Can help you

At Make Changes we are happy to tell you that we’ve helped a lot of people with a wide range of fears and phobias.

Whether it’s fear of public speaking, fear of flying, fear of lifts, fear of needles, cats/dogs or certain animals or insects or fear of death is another one it doesn’t matter.

The list could be endless.. the name of the fear or type of fear (or even where it came from) doesn’t really matter as much as you might think.

As long as you are ready and wanting to overcome it, and willing to follow our guidance and suggestions, you’ll be on the right path quite quickly.

There is no need to live with a life limiting and irrational fear or phobic response any more.

After an initial and no obligation chat on the phone we discuss very briefly what’s been going on for you. We then advise what we recommend is the best way to approach it and if we think we can help.

We get you booked in as soon as possible, either online or at the clinic and we go from there.

Simply fill out this form here or phone 1800 760 249 today and let’s get you on the path to feeling more at ease quite soon.

There’s no need to be hiding away and living a life of unnecessary limitations anymore. You’ll be feeling freer and able to simply get on with your life quite soon.

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