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Use the power of your subconscious mind to ease chronic pain in the body

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Reduce or Eliminate Chronic Pain using Hypnosis

Many studies have shown that hypnosis has the ability to significantly and reliably reduce or even eliminate chronic pain. It’s worth considering if it should be part of your pain treatment plan. Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn down or off the ongoing pain you’ve been feeling regardless of what caused it to begin with.

Chronic Pain using Hypnosis

Suffering from Chronic Pain can be life limiting and an ongoing struggle for so many people.

It stops you from living the life you want because you just can’t do what you used to anymore. Other people don’t understand how much it’s effecting you.

You just want to be comfortable and not thinking about being in high levels of pain constantly.

You’ve tried different methods and medications to manage it but they don’t seem to be working anymore or like you’d hoped. You could be feeling side effects from the meds and you don’t want to be on them more than you need to anyway.

Even though there would have been a reason your pain signals were turned on to begin with (it has a purpose of protecting us and of course we do need it initially), after a reasonable length of time has gone by and any necessary physical healing has taken place, if the pain drags on and on… well that’s a different story.

For a variety of reasons, the body sometimes holds onto old signals, a bit like a stuck alarm that just won’t go off.

At Make Changes we’ve helped many people turn old or chronic pain signals in the body right down or off.

Depending on your unique circumstances and goals, and using the power of your unconscious mind, lasting change and reducing or eliminating unnecessary chronic pain could be possible for you.

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