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Quit Cigarettes with hypnosis without being cranky or moody

The research has been in for a long time and is as relevant today as then. A 1992 study published in New Scientist Magazine summarised that “Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit. Willpower, it turns out, counts for very little”

Source: New Scientist Magazine, Vol 136, Issue 1845, 31/10/92, page 6.

The habit of smoking can be life limiting for so many people.

Perhaps it started off as something cool or fun years ago, but it sure doesn’t feel that way anymore. Nowadays you often feel awkward or embarrassed to be smoking, especially in public.

Not only does it leave you out of pocket, but you’re making excuses not to do activities with family and friends because you’re out of breath. It's literally sucking the energy out of you as well.

You’re frustrated because you know others that have stopped and even though you’ve tried before you just can’t seem to for long, and now you’re kicking yourself for ever starting in the first place.

Quit Smoking the quick and easy way

We believe that patches, medications and gums just draw out the process of quitting and are often ineffective anyway (and this study confirms it), because they just don’t deal with things at the right level.

At Make Changes we have helped hundreds of people just like you with our unique, step by step and highly effective process.

If you are ready to change the pathway of your life, and if you want to quit smoking without being cranky and moody, let’s get that process started today.

No more trying, no medication, no worries!

We offer a lifetime guarantee of support.

This means that as long as you are ready to quit, we help you to do that. For most people that’s one session and done. If you need more support, we are there for you, at no additional charge. We do this because we make sure you are ready to quit smoking cigarettes before we start and most people simply don’t need it.

Call 1800 760 249 or click on the link below and we'll be in touch to book in a time for a quick no obligation chat where any of your questions will be answered, and you can get ready to leave the cigarettes behind for good!

How exactly does this system help you to quit smoking in 1 hour – for good?

Well, half of the reason it works so well is because we use advanced hypnosis.
The old misconceptions and myths about hypnosis are a thing of the past. They have given way to scientifically sound, and proven applications.
In today's world, the use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy is seen in dentistry, medicine, professional sports, education and many other places.
The other half of this process or system works as we deal with your individual needs and reasons for wanting the change.

It also uses NLP (or Neuro Linguistic Programming) to help you change limiting beliefs and get rid of old unwanted habits.

How much would it cost you for Hypnosis to quit smoking in Melbourne? (Sunshine or Caroline Springs) Want to know how much money you would be able to save? Calculate your savings now to know!   The cost of smoking is not getting any cheaper!

Calculate your savings now to know!

Choose to be a fresh air breather soon and then for the rest of your (healthier) life.

  • You'll feel proud of yourself once again!
  • You're going to smell, look and feel much so better!
  • Your sense of smell will come back!
  • You will save loads of money!
  • Think of all the fun you will have with all that money!
  • You are going to have more energy, vitality and feel great!
  • Looking years younger will be great, and will stop ageing well before your time!
  • You can now be a role model you're happier with, for those people in your life that you care about!
  • You're going to be adding years back onto your life!
  • Take control back of your life, with the freedom to do whatever it is you choose!

Why don’t people quit smoking cigarettes?

Everyone knows smoking is not good for you. We all know smokers spend way too much on cigarettes, and the cost just keeps going up.
So why then, is it that people keep on smoking cigarettes, year after year? More than that, why is it just all too hard for so many people to give it up and quit smoking cigarettes?
70% of smokers don't like it and want to give it up. But they don’t quit. Why not?

The answer to that is fairly simple – We're all so very different.

Some people:

  • Just don’t want to stack on the weight when they quit
  • Don’t want to feel the withdrawals and cravings that can be tough
  • Say they don’t have the will power that's needed to quit smoking cigarettes
  • Smoke to relax, wind down or deal with stress
  • Don't want to be angry or agitated
  • Feel that they are addicted to the smokes, or have addictive personalities

The most powerful or biggest reason of them all is that smoking cigarettes is not under your conscious control.

Ask yourself the question now: How many full smokes a day do you really enjoy? If you're typical and similar to most people, it's maybe 4 or 5, tops.
Most of the others you probably smoke almost automatically, or unconsciously. That's because smoking cigarettes, like many learned habits becomes automated, it's usually taken care of by your unconscious mind.

It’s similar to driving. Think back to when you first began learning to drive a car. You had to first consciously learn and think about it. The thought of gears, pedals and blinkers all at once probably seemed like a lot. But, think how that compares to when you drive now. You drive down the road, chatting to the person beside you, drinking or eating, chatting on your phone (hands free of course), and then adjusting the radio all at the same time. You now drive unconsciously.
It's the same as when you had your first few cigarettes. At the start, when you were learning the habit, it took conscious effort. First you had to learn what to do and how to do it. But over time it became automatic. Now you don't even have to think about it. It's something that your unconscious now does for you, automatically.
What we need to do is break those patterns. We need to deal with your personal reasons for smoking, why you started, why you want to stop. We'll deal with what triggers you, what goes with smoking for you. We break down those connections and then you can do those other things without the smoking. Unless you do that you might, like many other people have, find it very hard to quit smoking cigarettes on your own for good. We don't do short term change. We work with you to make this change long term and for the rest of your life.

Our unique system and processes makes it easy to quit smoking cigarettes. It really can be surprisingly easy.

We're guessing you have tried before to quit smoking cigarettes. So what went wrong?
  • Did you have withdrawal symptoms that were just too tough to handle?
  • Were you worried because you started to put on weight?
  • You thought you could just have one and it turned into a packet, then a week…
  • For no real reason, you just started again.
  • Something stressful happened and you fell back into old ways.
  • Did you get fooled back into it somehow?
  • Something else?

The great thing about the process we use is that we work through all those triggers and reasons that are yours alone. We go further than that…

We believe in being pro-active. In our process we get rid of the most common hiccups people face, or reasons people go back to smoking before they occur.
What we do is not just about taking the habit of cigarettes away from your life. We work through adding in new better, healthier habits. You don't need to be worried about putting on weight, being angry or agitated when you quit smoking cigarettes. We deal with all the common things that typically come up – before they happen.

We work you through what withdrawal symptoms are all about so they're not an issue. The addictive aspects of cigarettes is not something you need be bothered about. Now that sounds good doesn't it?

So what exactly is involved then?

You call the number and we for a no obligation chat and then we book you in for an appointment.
We send you some paperwork, which you fill in. We make sure you are really ready to be a non smoker now.
You come in to the clinic and meet your quit smoking cigarettes specialist and we get started with the session.

During the session we:

  • Go through some background on you. We talk about your habit, where it all started.
  • Have a chat about your unique reasons and excuses for why you haven't been successful up until now
  • Talk about the process we'll take you through and how and why it works
  • Follow the tried and proven system that's helped thousands of people across the globe. This includes advanced hypnosis and other tools and techniques, which include reframing and NLP.
  • Give you what you need, including supporting information, reminders and materials. This all helps to make sure you have what you need to stay a successful and happy non-smoker for the rest of your life. We want you quit smoking cigarettes, feel great and be happy you did.

You leave the session a healthier non-smoker for the rest of your life.

What this system doesn't involve:
  • There's no pain involved
  • Drugs, prescriptions or chemicals
  • Side effects
  • Big life changes
  • Pills of any type or patches
  • Needles
How will this process help me to quit smoking cigarettes?

Because what goes on for you, your reasons for smoking, are different than other people’s, the areas you will need help with are not the same as your friends. As all of our sessions are unique to you, each is custom tailored and addresses your specific triggers and reasons. It's easy for you to quit smoking in only 1 hour.

How long does it take?

For most people, it only takes 60 minutes to quit smoking cigarettes. There is every reason that you too can quit smoking in only 1 hour.
If you need more time to go through, or understand the process, we give it to you – at no additional fee. The whole session can take between 2 to 3 hours. If you've been smoking for a few years, it's well worth a small chunk of your time to quit for good.

So naturally, compared to all other methods in the market place the Quit Smoking Cigarettes In 60 Minutes program is the obvious choice to quit smoking safely, permanently and easily.

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