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Wendy Gadsby

I am Wendy Gadsby, a certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner, as well as a trainer. My passion for personal development led me to explore various modalities such as meditation and metaphysics, which ultimately led me to Hypnotherapy and NLP.

For over 10 years, I have been using these powerful tools to help my clients overcome their challenges and make positive changes in their lives.

As a Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner, I believe that the human mind is capable of achieving incredible things when we tap into its full potential.

Hypnotherapy, in particular, is a completely natural state that we all experience daily. It is a powerful tool that can help us access our subconscious mind and create positive change in our lives.

My business, Make Changes, is all about helping people get unstuck. My clients often know what they want but are unable to achieve it due to limiting beliefs or negative patterns. My mission is to help people live their best lives. I believe that everyone has the power within them to achieve their dreams and overcome their challenges. It is an incredible feeling to see my clients transform their lives and realize their full potential.

Whether it's in the area of career, relationships, or personal development, I work with my clients to create customized plan that is tailored to their individual needs. Through a combination of Hypnotherapy, NLP, and other modalities, I empower my clients to take control of their lives and achieve their full potential.

If you are ready to make positive changes in your life, I would be honored to work with you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me to schedule a consultation or learn more about my services.

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Wendy Gadsby

Why Choose Us

Wendy Gadsby is a NLP Master Practitioner and is certified and recognised as a Specialist Hypnotherapist by Quantum Change Seminars and a Practitioner of Hypnotherapy with Australian Success Academy. Wendy is also an Associate Member of the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists

At Make Changes, we are part of a growing network of leading specialists. We use a unique advanced neuro hypnotic system, that has been in use for over 15 years. The system has been used to help thousands of clients, both across the country and internationally.

Our technique has proven itself over the years, and that’s with our Quit Smoking clients, we can offer you a lifetime guarantee of support.

We give this to you with confidence, because really – you will most likely not need it!

Those using hypnotherapy to quit smoking, quit gambling, reduce alcohol, change eating habits and other issues… often save themselves a small fortune by making the change they have decided on. Whatever your challenge, the cost of waiting is far higher than the cost of hypnotherapy.

Our Mission

All the work that I do is about helping people with their mindset. One of my goals is to be at the leading edge of educating people about mindset and how they can access the keys to the life they want to live.

I am now thrilled to have helped many clients towards reaching their ideal weight, become non smokers, and also with other changes like resolving PTSD, anxiety, depression and trauma. It’s such a nice thing to watch the change between when a client walks in the door anxious, or smelling of smoke (or both!), to walking out confident of their success!

Clients tell me they can't wait to share with their friends and family how the session went and how great they feel afterwards.


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