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Is hypnosis safe for children and does it work?

As a parent you naturally want what’s best for your child. These are common questions we’re asked and understandable ones at that. We are also asked – Is hypnosis effective for children.

Wouldn’t it be great if they could make lasting changes fast? The answer to these questions is a big yes.

Children have such wonderful imaginations and are born creative thinkers. They are like an open book waiting for suggestions.

This can be a wonderful thing opening them up to learning and absorbing everything they need to learn and move forward in the world. This makes it easy for them to be open to the natural state of hypnosis.

Unfortunately, at times, this openness can also get them into trouble and lead to overwhelm and taking on suggestions and patterns that aren’t at all helpful. They have all the same issues and worries as adults but often they don’t quite know how to articulate it (or make sense of things) which can make things worse and difficult for them.

They get caught up with anxieties and sleep issues. Family issues are magnified and worries about friends and school can be huge.

Other people might even be offering advice and pointing to you and your parenting style but you know it’s not that simple. You’ve tried different things to help your child already but you just aren’t getting anywhere and you’re ready to try something new.

It’s good to know it doesn’t all have to drag on for years in the wrong direction before things can change for the better.

Is your child ready for change?

When a child wants to make changes (and yes they have to want to) and let’s us know what they want, we work together with them, with specific goal based outcomes in mind, and using their creative imaginations, get working to improve things.

Depending on what is going on for them and the age of the child, we discuss what options are available and what we think would suit and might be helpful.

We book in some sessions at the clinic or online as soon as possible and go from there.

Give us a call on 1800 760 249 or click the link below and take the first step towards helping your child to feel happier and more at ease in todays uncertain world.

No more struggles and never ending battles with no end in sight, no more constant stressing out.

Tools and strategies that are practical and helpful and a feeling of progress and moving forward.

Make contact and together, let’s help your child develop some new ways of thinking and feeling that are natural and easy, and get them and the family moving forward again.


Will my child’s stress just go away by itself?  It can start to ease quite quickly and it doesn’t have to be hard work for them to feel better.

Why is this important to work on? A small amount of stress is OK and in fact it can get your child out of bed and achieving things. But if it gets out of hand, then it’s worth changing. High levels of stress and anxiety is not anyone’s natural state and long term is obviously not good for them all. 

It’s better to help a child early, than to deal with a struggling teen or adult. Let’s get the positive changes started now, rather than later in their life.

How fast will I see results? As long as your child is wanting to make the changes as much as you want them to, usually within a matter of a couple of weeks or less most are starting to feel much better.

What sorts of methods do we use? We use a range of methods including NLP, hypnosis and other proven tools. We teach some of these to your child so they can use them in the years to come to keep them feeling good. 

How do I know it will work for my child? We have a chat before we get started and book in a session to see if we think we can help and if this will be a good fit for your child. Usually if they are willing to engage and follow our suggestions, you both can expect to see a range of positive changes.

What next?

Just click on the link below, complete your details or phone 1800 760 249, and we will be in touch to get the ball rolling soon.

No more self-criticism and hiding away. No more feelings of fear and self doubt.

Make an enquiry about hypnosis for your child today and let’s get started towards changing their life for the better!


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