Helping Families to Thrive

Wendy is excited to announce that she has recently completed Master Practitioner training in a new and gentle process. Helping families to thrive (& individuals too) is achievable with the unique Family Freedom Protocol.

Using the wonderful and gentle step by step process, big changes can happen fast. The protocol is aimed towards helping individuals and families to go from stuck and struggling to thriving and growing.

Family Freedom Protocol
Helping families to thrive with this unique process.

Wendy Gadsby and Emma Romano (creator of the protocol) are all smiles and celebrating the completion of the comprehensive training.

If you or your family could do with some support to reconnect, give us a call on 1800 760 249 or reach out here and we’ll call you asap.

Whether just one member, a few members or the whole family are involved in the individual sessions in our clinic or online, or family sessions (at your home) you can be sure of positive changes taking place.

This unique family coaching process uses a combination of therapies.

Depending on the circumstances we take the whole family through a workshop style session at your place, or individual one on one sessions over a number of weeks (which will vary to suit your needs). The sessions and process is also tailored to suit you and your situation. It’s also an interesting learning experience. You’ll leave each session glad you came and feeling like you are headed in the right direction towards more personal and family harmony. Even if just one member of a family goes through this learning and empowering process, the ripple effect can be profound.

If you would like to know more just give Wendy a call today on 1800 760 249 and let’s arrange a 15 minute chat to see if this process is right for you.


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