Hypnotherapy for Teenagers

Whether it’s online or at the clinic, we are happy to say we’ve helped to put the smile back on the faces of many a teen

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Today’s teens are faced with a host of pressures unique to their generation, and sometimes parents don’t know where to turn.

Wouldn’t it be a relief if there was a safe way to help them to feel better that didn’t feel to them like more school work or pressure? Using hypnosis and other tools, we can work with them to get them back on track again.

With home schooling, so many changes with Covid restrictions and social media in the mix, it’s no wonder they just want to hide away in their rooms or have become so moody and anxious. It doesn’t matter what you say as a parent you’re wrong, or they just don’t want to talk to you anymore as – to them –  you just don’t understand. The family is feeling the ripple effect, it’s effecting you all.

It feels like pulling teeth just to have a conversation or even start to find out what’s going on for them. You’ve tried but you’re getting nowhere.

Maybe they’re anxious about their grades, or what they want to do when they leave school. It could be issues among their social groups and friends or a host of other things. You don’t really know the whole story as they aren’t telling you. Even though you’d like to, you just know you can’t help them as you’re too close to it all.

Can Hypnosis help Teenagers?

Whether it’s online or at the clinic, we are happy to say we’ve helped to put the smile back on the faces of many a teen. Not being mum, dad or even a teacher is a big advantage for us.

We can listen in a non judgemental way that they appreciate, but we offer a lot more than talking about their problems. They want more than that to be able to make lasting changes and shifts in the way they’re thinking and with what’s going on for them.

They’re smart and they might even know logically what they want, they’re just having trouble articulating it and sorting things out for themselves, and moving forward.

Using the natural state of hypnosis and other tools, we work with your teen to help them feel better in themselves again.

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