World No-Tobacco Day

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The focus on this years #WorldNoTobaccoDay is on heart health – and for good reason!

Did you know?

If you smoke you are four times more likely to die of heart disease (i.e. heart attack and stroke) and three times more likely to die from sudden cardiac death.

Too many people just aren’t aware of the massive link between smoking and heart health.

Knowledge drives change. Help us to pass the message on.

Smoking kills over 7 million people each year worldwide – and that 900,000 of those are non smokers!

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Tobacco damages your heart

According to the World Health Organisation heart disease kills more people than any other any other cause of death worldwide. Tobacco use and second hand smoke exposure are attributed to a whopping 12% of all heart disease deaths. Read preventable deaths.

Tobacco use is the second leading cause of heart disease. This follows on from high blood pressure.

Do you smoke because you are stressed or anxious? These are things we can help with too. Giving you alternative ways to cope with life is all part of our process.

Are you worried that you’ll put on weight if you quit? We cover this and why so many people do, and how you can easily avoid it.

Do people smoke around you and you think it has to be hard to quit? We’ll talk about all of that and why most of the people we help are able to overcome these and other worries quite quickly.

Why not use today ( #WorldNoTobaccoDay ) to take the first steps towards improving your health.

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Let’s start the process towards you quitting smoking for good.

Use World No Tobacco Day as a new beginning for you!


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