Rising cost of cigarettes

With the rising cost of cigarettes it's no wonder that more and more people are contacting us to quit smoking.

If you're still smoking, have you thought about how much the habit costing you now?

With a cost of between $1.30 – $1.60 each cigarette, our average client is now saving about $1000 every month by becoming a non smoker.

That's a huge $230 saving of around every week – or about $12000 per year. Imagine having that to spend on something you love doing! A holiday, a new car, fun stuff with people you are about – anything you choose and it doesn't have to be hard!

The annual increase that happened on 1st September meant the cost went up by 12.5%. If you decide to keep on smoking, how much will you be paying by 2020? – and how much could you save by then instead if you decided to quit?

A while ago the average stat was that you'd be paying over $40 for a pack of 25's. Many smokers are paying that or close to it already.

We just love helping people to become healthier and start saving. Francis was excited as she came out of hypnosis knowing she doesn't have to worry about the rising cost of cigarettes anymore, or the effects the habit was having on her health.

The habit of smoking can be a tough one to break – on your own – it doesn't have to be hard with the right support. Using the combined tools of NLP & hypnotherapy you too can quit in just one session with us.

If you want to quit smoking like Francis, just give us a call on 1800 760 249 or get in touch here and let's have a chat and get you booked in today!


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