Pain Elimination with Hypnotherapy

Chronic pain elimination with hypnotherapy is a well researched and documented area.

Are you or a loved one suffering with chronic pain that just won’t go away? Whether you’ve tried simply giving it time, or medications aren’t working any more this might be of interest to you.

The first recorded instance of using Hypnosis for anesthesia in surgery was in 1829 in Paris, by Dr Jules Cloquet. So there is a long history of it’s use.

Chronic ‘or old’ pain where no physical current cause is present can quite often be reduced or eliminated altogether. In a relatively short space of time using the power of the unconcious mind and hypnotherapy, lasting change is possible.

Wendy Gadsby with creator of the Drain That Pain process, Joanna Cameron
Wendy Gadsby with creator of the Drain That Pain process, Joanna Cameron

Countless books have been written on links between physical and emotional pain. When clients come into our clinic to deal with a physical issue, Wendy ask’s them what was happening at the time the pain started. There could have been an accident, mishap or surgery causing physical pain to start with. Emotional factors are often involved as well. Either it’s a particularly stressful time in a related or totally unrelated way.  Once the body has physically healed, sometimes the pain remains. Your unconscious mind can link the physical and emotional pain, and both need to be resolved for the discomfort to ease. Depending on what is going for you, and your goals, we work together and tailor a plan to reduce or eliminate pain and turn down or turn off the pain signals or alarm bells that are going on in your body.

Are you suffering in pain?

In 2018 Wendy added to her pain elimination training with a specific and newly created protocol called Drain that Pain. Joanna Cameron created the powerful protocol and came to Melbourne to share what she had developed. The process which could be described as using Hypnosis, NLP and energy in harmony is extremely effective, and the effects are lasting. Drain that Pain focuses on Pain Elimination and not Pain Management.

Chronic Pain Elimination is possible with hypnotherapy
Chronic Pain Elimination is possible with hypnotherapy

If you would like to know more about this process, or pain elimination with hypnotherapy get in touch for a chat. Let’s talk about how we could start the process quite soon. If you are ready and have an open mind about what is possible for you, give Wendy Gadsby a call.

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