Relief from Exam Anxiety

It can be a tough time for students when exams are coming around. Relief from anxiety seems impossible – sleepless nights, overthinking and worrying. Will I pass? Will I fail? Endless negative self talk that really doesn't help at all.

Wouldn't it be great if there were some tools that could help?

Well there are! Let me tell you about a great one that's yours for FREE, if you want it.

I recorded something which can be helpful for creating some calm in the lead up to or during exam times.

If you would like to access the short relaxation, so you can get some relief from exam anxiety, just click on the image below.

In just a short while, and with this exam relaxation hypnosis, you'll be feeling better in no time!

If I can help you further phone 1800 760 249 or use the contact us page here and I'd be happy to chat about that.

Imagine you're relaxing by a Bali pool!
Relief from exam anxiety and relaxation at exam time is possible! Get in touch if you'd like to feel like you're sitting by a pool with me relaxing in Bali!


Here are some other simple tips and tools that really can add up to help as well.

Remember to drink lots of water   

Get plenty of sleep   

Eat healthy         

Get some exercise  ‍♀️  ‍♀️  ‍♀️

Do some grounding like walking on grass barefoot  ‍♀️ or putting your feet in the sea water   or walk in the bush    …. or hug a tree   

Listen to my hypnosis recording (by clicking the image above) 


Let me know if I can help with anything further by calling on 1800 760 249 or Contact Us here.

All the best with your exams!!


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