Reduce your stress by exercising

Exercise is an important part of being healthy. It helps to balance your blood sugars, it helps to keep you fit and strong, and it helps your immune system keep active.

Basically, as the saying goes, “move it or lose it”.

It doesn’t take a lot, but it does take regular action. For some, it could just be going for a walk a few days a week, but for others, perhaps more is ideal.

For many, it’s not a lack of understanding of the benefits of exercise that’s missing, it’s time and space.

That’s because everything is more complex at the moment, and that makes things move slower. It just sort of edges out the other things, like exercise, healthy eating, and taking care of yourself.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you keep making the space for your health.

Work, life and other junk will simply steal this crucial time away.

Currently, many gyms are closed, and while that may change very soon, you may not feel comfortable just yet going back.

So here are a few options for you that you can do with little to no cost, and still get a great workout.

Action Steps

Here are some options to keep yourself fit and strong

Go for a walk! – This doesn’t really need any explanation, but just consider perhaps going somewhere nice. But just around the block works as well.

Bodyweight exercises – Here are a couple of great workouts, these can be pretty tough, so don’t expect bodyweight to mean easy.

Yoga – From beginner to challenging, there are so many great choices. (beginners) (40 mins) (20 mins) (strength)


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