The Overcome Your Nervous Breakdown Hypnosis 5-Pack

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Overcome Your Nervous Breakdown Pack – Relax deeply with hypnosis, then start to feel recover, step by step


Overcome Your Nervous Breakdown Pack – Relax deeply with hypnosis, then start to feel recover, step by step

If you have had a nervous breakdown, or you feel you are on the edge of one, then you are probably so stressed you can barely read this page.

Your body is exhausted, you can’t think clearly or sleep properly and despite all your worries and the pressure you feel, you’ve lost your motivation to actually do things.

Perhaps you’ve even turned to alcohol or other artificial substances to help get you through. If you are getting increasingly desperate, don’t despair.

You don’t have to feel this way

Think of a boat running along a river. It’s got a hole in the bottom, it’s missing an oar and the river ahead is blocked.

Would you expect the boat to keep going? Or would it be more reasonable to take time to make repairs before finding a way through?

It’s time to let yourself heal

You won’t be able to feel better until you have relaxed deeply. And that’s why hypnosis is perfect for extreme stress – it gently and naturally gives you a break from your troubled thoughts.

Which means that even after your first hypnosis session of deep relaxation, you’ll notice a change. You might not find the world so overwhelming, so lonely.

After a week of listening to deeply soothing tracks, you’ll find that everyday life has become a bit easier. Your problems, which once felt insurmountable, won’t be so overwhelming and you’ll be thinking clearly enough to tackle them.

And best of all, once you’re feeling really rested and revitalized, you will begin to see a brighter future.

Overcome your nervous breakdown by relaxing deeply with this hypnosis pack.

Five Sessions Pack

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The Overcome Your Nervous Breakdown Pack contains these 5 carefully selected sessions:

We suggest you listen to your first session, Dealing With a Nervous Breakdown, once a day for a week. Then begin to work in the other sessions, paying particular attention to the 7-11 Breathing Exercise.

These sessions are yours for life, so whenever you feel you need a ‘top-up' you can listen to them again and enjoy the feeling of being deeply relaxed.

Download Dealing with a Nervous Breakdown now and start to feel better. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

Important: A nervous breakdown is a serious condition. Dealing with a Nervous Breakdown is designed to supplement, not replace, treatment from a suitable medical practitioner.

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