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Better Thinking Pack – Polish your thinking skills using hypnosis and make better, quicker decisions


Better Thinking Pack – Polish your thinking skills using hypnosis and make better, quicker decisions

Think about it. What single skill can improve your life so fundamentally? Your financial situation, your relationships, your work life, in fact, your overall happiness and that of those around you.

We spend almost all of our waking time thinking, but how much time do we devote to improving how we think? To develop better thinking skills so that every thought, every decision is improved.

There are so many thinking pitfalls to avoid

All or nothing thinking, overgeneralization, jumping to conclusions, magnification and minimalization, the list goes on and on. It's no wonder that so many people make bad decisions on an ongoing basis.

One key factor often missed by critical thinking theory is that to be objective, the brain needs to be calm. Emotion will skew decisions drastically, and negative emotion will make you pessimistic and scared to take balanced risks.

This is why hypnosis is such an effective tool to teach better thinking skills. The learning takes place against a backdrop of deep relaxation, teaching not only the skill, but the emotional state that best supports good thinking.

Five Sessions Pack

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The Better Thinking Pack contains these 5 carefully selected sessions:

  • Overcome Indecision – being unable to make a decision is a clear indicator that your brain is stressed around that topic. Let hypnosis unlock your innate gut instinct.
  • Making Big Decisions – big decisions can be hard because they tend to cause anxiety, clouding clear thought. Make your big decisions while calm and know you can rely on yourself.
  • Critical Thinking – many decisions require good critical thinking, and the knowledge of how to avoid critical thinking errors.
  • Keep a Cool Head – there is nothing more impressive than someone who can keep their head while all around them are losing theirs. And think clearly as a result.
  • Flexible Attitude – the trees that grow the tallest bend with the wind, and spring back after the storm is over.

How to use the Better Thinking Pack

Looking through the list above you have probably identified one or more sessions that appear most important for your situation. We recommend that you listen to these first until you start to notice real improvements in these areas.

Then bring in the other titles to your play list. It is vital to use every session to ensure you are creating a broad and secure foundation for ensuring your thinking skills continue to improve into the future. Better thinking skills will reflect on every area of your life.

Start your program today and see what you (and others) notice about your new-found clarity and decision-making skills. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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