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Stop Sex Obsession Pack – Escape the exhausting clutches of sex obsession and start feeling human again


Stop Sex Obsession Pack – Escape the exhausting clutches of sex obsession and start feeling human again

An obsession with sex, although exciting at first, can quickly become exhausting and draining. And because sex is such an essential, natural drive, sex obsession can develop quite quickly, especially when other needs are not met.

Too much focus on sex inevitably distracts you from your goals, uses up valuable energy, and can potentially send the wrong signals at the wrong time in relationships, causing damage and frustration.

Put sex back into proper perspective

Sex is, of course, an important part of life. It is a natural drive that needs to be fulfilled. But sex is just part of life, and in its proper place, like the seasoning in a meal, adds flavor, spice and excitement. Too much seasoning though, and the meal becomes unpalatable.

The Stop Sex Obession Hypnosis 5-Pack will help your brain release its obsession with sex and allow it to return to its natural place in your life.

Five Sessions Pack

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The Stop Sex Obsession Pack contains these 5 carefully selected hypnotherapy sessions:

  • Sex Addiction – break the addictive pattern your brain has developed around sex
  • Masturbation Addiction – return masturbation levels to a level which doesn't interfere with your life
  • Porn Addiction – escape the time-wasting, self-esteem harming effects of compulsively viewing pornogrpahy
  • Impulse Control – develop a powerful ability to control your own impulses, around sex and elsewhere
  • Your Human Needs – understand just what you need to protect yourself against developing compulsions and addictions

How to use the pack

You will probably have identified one or more of the hypnosis session above that you feel are most important to you. We suggest that you start by listening to these until you notice the first improvements.

Then you can move onto the lower priority sessions, listening to them in rotation until you have achieved the results you desire. We suspect that you will be surprised at just how quickly you achieve freedom from those old compulsive thoughts and behaviors around sex.

Download the Stop Sex Obsession Pack now and restore balance to your life. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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