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Boost Your Creativity Pack – Kick start your creativity now with these 5 hypnosis sessions


Boost Your Creativity Pack – Kick start your creativity now with these 5 hypnosis sessions

Stress is kryptonite for creativity.  Stressed brains are so strung out they can barely cope with basic functions of digesting, keeping your immune system ticking over and other useful functions.

Why would you use vital energy on creating the next international best seller or art masterpiece when staying alive is more mission critical?

Creativity comes when we least expect it

Some of the most creative leaps have been made in dream-like, relaxed, states.  The idea of Velcro hook and loop fasteners occured to Swiss engineer George de Mestral when he was walking his dog and observed the seeds of a plant stuck to his dog's fur.

Upon examination, he discovered that the tiny hooks that covered the seeds made it to stick to the animal, allowing the seed to be dispersed more widely than the wind could.  He transferred this concept into fabric and the Velcro hook and loop fastener was created.  He wasn't sitting at his desk, drinking endless coffees and worrying about project deadlines, he was outside in the fresh mountain air of the Alps.

Creativity requires freedom of the mind and the ability to explore and wander around in wonderment.  We've created a hypnosis pack that lets you fast track to the relaxed, dream-like state where creativity abounds and ideas can take shape.

Five Sessions Pack

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The Boost Your Creativity Hypnosis Pack contains these 5 carefully selected sessions:

  • Creativity Booster – stop getting in the way of your creativity and allow the creative, imaginative part of your mind free reign to be funny, original and innovative.
  • Creative Problem Solving – the more stressed or time pressured you are, the less creative you become, so by deeply relaxing you can allow your unconscious mind to take care of problem solving in a fluid almost effortless way.
  • Improve Visualization – maybe your dominant sense is feeling or hearing, so you can add to your creative tool-kit by improving your visualization and allowing the dream-state creative imagery to work for you.
  • Release Your Inner Artist – if you suffer from blank canvas, blank mind, then use this hypnosis session to inspire you to make your first mark and tap into the flow state, where ideas come thick and fast.
  • Be More Playful – children laugh more, have more fun and are bursting with stories, drawings and other imaginative output.  Take yourself back to that light-hearted state, where everything is possible and a card-board box can take you to the moon.

How to get the best results from the Boost Your Creativity Pack

Anxiety, stress and tiredness all deplete your creative energy.  But you can you can leap out of the creative dead-zone and into a buzzy mind set where ideas flow and confidence soars.

All you need is to pop on your headphones, listen to the audios and relax!  Start listening to the Creativity Booster session at least once a day for a few days before bringing the next title into your playlist.

When you start listening to the sessions, you will soak up the relaxation and be curious about where your creative buzz will show first.  Will it be at school? At work? Or in your own creative pursuits?

Download the ‘Boost Your Creativity Pack' now and start being more playful and creative. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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