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Confident Dating Pack – To be truly confident dating, use this money-saving hypnosis pack to embed your relationship skills


Confident Dating Pack – To be truly confident dating, use this money-saving hypnosis pack to embed your relationship skills

When you go on a date, be it a first date or not, there are two things you need to truly be yourself and connect with your date:

  1. The ability to relax enough to be funny, playful and sincere – you can read all the dating tips you want, but if on your date you get so nervous you clam up, those tips aren't going to help one bit.
  2. The skills to make your date relaxed and interested in you – Making use of the right relationship skills help your date feel much more relaxed and open, and give you a chance to really connect with them.

This is why hypnosis is the perfect way to learn dating skills

Reading up on dating advice and tips are useful preparation, but are they going to help you when you're on a date and the pressure to ‘perform' is high?

Usually, people find all those well intentioned thoughts and plans vapourise when they're on a date, and they're right back to their ‘old' self quicker than your date can call a cab home.

Hypnosis allows you to rehearse your dating skills before going on a date, so that they will kick in automatically when you're there. So you're nervous about making a mistake or saying something goofy?

Just mentally rehearse recovering gracefully from it and move on to something new. When the date happens, you'll be relaxed and safe in the knowledge you've a strong mental blueprint for how to be a fantastic date.

Five Sessions Pack

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The Confident Dating Pack contains these 5 carefully selected sessions:

  • Instant Rapport – make that connection happen the instant you meet your date.
  • Dating Confidence – allow yourself to relax, even on a first date, and let your confidence show.
  • Flirting Confidence – get experience delivering the signals that tell your date you're interested in them.
  • Feel More Attractive – when you feel more attractive, your date will find you more attractive.
  • Making Small Talk – small talk, the fundamental social lubricant, is how you put your date at ease and start to have fun with them.

How to use your Confident Dating Pack

Start off with the Dating Confidence session – this sets the scene for the other sessions. Listen to this once or twice, or until you notice that your feelings around going on a date are changing.

Then start to integrate the other titles, starting with the ones you feel are most important to you. However, it is vital that you listen to all the sessions, in rotation if you like to ensure you have created a solid foundation for your next date.

The next time you go on a date can be very, very different. Get started today so you're ready for the next opportunity.

Download the Confident Dating Pack and get excited about your next date. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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