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Seeding Success Pack – Don’t let the next opportunity pass you by – prepare your mind to take full advantage


Seeding Success Pack – Don't let the next opportunity pass you by – prepare your mind to take full advantage

“Fortune favours the prepared mind” Louis Pasteur, discoverer of germ theory, 1822-1895

You never know when opportunity will knock. Or when it will whisper. How many opportunities have passed you by simply because you weren't listening in the right way at the right time?

Create an ‘idea incubator' within your mind

Developing an incubator mindset means that you are alive to opportunity, no matter how it presents itself, with a yell or a featherlight touch. Creating a place in your mind where ideas can take root and grow means that you'll begin to see possibilities where no-one else does. The Seeding Success Pack does just that. It sows the seed so that your mind is prepared for the next opportunity, and the next, and the next. It creates fertile conditions so that new ideas can germinate, grow and come to fruition.

Five Sessions Pack

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The Seeding Success Pack contains these 5 carefully selected sessions:

  • Self Discipline – develop the iron will needed to bring your ideas into the world
  • Self Motivation Booster – keep keeping on, even when everything is against you
  • Think Big – make the very most of your ideas and maximize your ambition
  • Selling Yourself – put across your best assets, without fear or embarassment
  • Act On Your Ideas – have the courage to get going as every journey begins with a single step

How to use the Seeding Success Pack

Reading the list above, you may have spotted one or more sessions which are particularly salient to you. Start by using these, and when you notice improvements in these areas, move on to include the others in rotation. It is important that you include all the sessions to ensure you build a solid foundation for success that will become a habitual state of mind for you.

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