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Assert Yourself Pack – Learn to say what you mean, calmly and clearly with this 5 audio hypnosis pack


Assert Yourself Pack – Learn to say what you mean, calmly and clearly with this 5 audio hypnosis pack

No-one wants to be a pushover. But if you're afraid to speak your mind, you risk of being taken advantage of, saying yes to un-reasonable requests, pleasing everyone except yourself and are left frustrated and un-heard.

It maybe you've learned to keep your mouth shut tight as previous experiences or relationships taught you that's the way to survive. Or maybe you think nice and decent people don't make demands or behave selfishly. But imagine if a co-pilot didn't tell the pilot they were flying dangerously low through fear of upsetting them – you wouldn't want to be on that plane!

Learn how to be more assertive by using relaxing hypnosis

Sounds too easy, but when you're deeply relaxed, that's when your mind and body are best able to learn a new way to behave. During hypnosis, you can practice safely seeing yourself expressing your opinion confidently, hear yourself talk clearly, and feel calm in previously tricky situations, even if your hearts beating a little faster.

Five Sessions Pack

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The Assert Yourself Pack contains these 5 carefully selected sessions:

  • Assertiveness Training – learn a 4 step assertiveness technique, and hypnotically rehearse how to stay calm and think clearly whilst saying what you mean.
  • Saying No – gently change your approach on how to say no and stop being over stretched and exhausted from too many ‘yes's'
  • Fear of Confrontation – stop avoiding conflict and learn how to stay calm when the emotional stakes are high
  • Express Your Opinion – believe you have the right to be heard, and learn how to ‘go public' with your views.
  • Stand Up for Yourself – ‘nice' people do argue and want things their way. Help people read your mind by expressing what's on your mind and be more honest in your communication.

How to use the Assert Yourself pack

To use this pack, listen to the session that means most to you first, and then move to the next one and so on. It's important you listen to all the sessions, as they have been carefully selected to work with each other to provide a solid foundation from which you can assert yourself calmly and clearly.

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