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Overcome Noise Sensitivity Pack – Reduce the impact of nasty noises with 5 relaxing hypnosis audios


Overcome Noise Sensitivity Pack – Reduce the impact of nasty noises with 5 relaxing hypnosis audios

If you have a heightened sensitivity to noise, or misophonia, you will find that certain noises trigger a strong reaction, with the emotion center of the brain kicking in and flooding the body with overwhelming feelings of anger or anxiety.

Common trigger sounds include: eating, mouth noises, breathing, nasal noises, accents or vocal quirks, and high frequency noises.

Your noise triggers are personal to you, and a first step in understanding misophonia and how it affects you is to notice and note what noises you can't tolerate. When you understand the triggers, you can work to avoid or minimize them.

However, avoiding noise triggers such as eating sounds can lead to social isolation, as a sufferer finds it intolerable to visit a coffee shop or eat with friends or family.

This is where hypnosis for misophonia can help break the link between the trigger and negative emotion.

How hypnosis can reduce noise sensitivity

Hypnosis can change the automatic negative response to trigger noises and lay down a new, calmer way to respond.

With regular use, you can boost the times when you are less noise-sensitive and de-focus your hearing so you simply filter out the unwelcome noises.

Like the factory workers who can hear their workmates over the din or the child that's zoned in on their absorbing game so much that they don't hear you calling their name, hypnosis can help you learn selective hearing.

Read about the contents of the Overcome Noise Sensitivity Pack below:

Five Sessions Pack

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The Overcome Noise Sensitivity Pack contains these 5 carefully selected hypnosis sessions:

How to use the Overcome Noise Sensitivity Pack

We recommend you start with the Noise Sensitivity audio and listen to this daily for a few days. Then move on to the next title that resonates with you most and progress through the other titles in the pack and listen to them in rotation for 3 weeks.

Keep listening to the hypnosis sessions in rotation until you have reached where you want to be.

As you listen to the Overcome Noise Sensitivity Pack hypnosis audios, you will notice that you have an increased feeling of calm and well-being.

Both your response to the noise trigger and the fear of hearing the noise will dampen down and eventually be replaced with a more manageable response such as mild irritation or the trigger may even simply become a non-issue. As you learn to tune out sounds, you can tune in to more pleasant, enjoyable sounds and experiences.

Download this Overcome Noise Sensitivity Pack now and begin reducing the impact of trigger noise. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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