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Drink Less Wine Pack – Use hypnosis to keep wine in its place and give your mind and body a break


Drink Less Wine Pack – Use hypnosis to keep wine in its place and give your mind and body a break

Let's face it, drinking wine is pleasurable.   There are endless styles and flavours to explore and a multitude of occasions where drinking wine adds that certain something.  If you enjoy wine drinking, you're not alone as millions of us love to drink it and it's an international business worth over $250 billion.

Less is more…

But when one aspirin may cure the headache but one hundred can cause damage, drinking wine can easily slip into a habit that stopped bringing pleasure a long time ago and causes harm.

Hypnosis can help break the wine drinking habit

A glass of wine may help you relax at the end of a stressful week.  So if it works on a Friday, why not any day that's been tougher than usual?  Some studies even say drinking everyday is good for you.  Sure, it's your choice what to do with your body, but when compulsion tricks you into drinking more and more, where's your freedom of choice gone?

Switch it up

There are better ways to respond to life's stresses and strains than reaching for the bottle.  So you've got the Friday frazzle, how about taking a hot shower with your favourite products instead?  Or carefully brewing a cup of delicately fragranced tea, with water at just the right temperature and infused for just the right length of time?  By doing something, anything that disrupts the pattern and creates a new habit that hits the spot but without the harm, then you're moving in the right direction.

Using hypnosis to break habits is a tried and tested method to lay-down new patterns at a deep level, helping you make the switch to healthier, happier habits.

Five Sessions Pack

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The Drink Less Wine Pack contains these 5 carefully selected sessions:

  • Drink Less Wine – the core session, to help you reduce your wine drinking to a level you are happy with.
  • Improve Impulse Control – if you're always at the beck and call of emotionally charged impulses, you're like a ship in a storm with no-one at the helm.  Master your impulses and reap the rewards of long term advantages.
  • Instant Stress Relief – use hypnosis to release your body's natural relaxation response, flooding your body and mind with pure, cleansing relaxation.
  • Moderate Drinking – a hypnosis session to help you keep alcohol in its place and enhance your ability to take the long view.
  • Take Care of You – stop taking your body for granted and fire up your motivation to live more healthily, making better choices around food, drink, excercise and socialising.
Reducing habitual, excessive wine drinking can help you;
  • Reduce weight
  • Give your liver a chance to work
  • Prevent premature aging
  • Improve the quality of your sleep
  • Improve your concentration and mood
  • Allow your sex hormones to do their job
  • Stop being at the mercy of an addiction
Download the Reduce wine drinking hypnosis pack now and give your body a break and your mind the freedom to make healthy choices.

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