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Supreme Sports Success Pack – Keep your eyes on the prize in all you do and develop the mental attitude to take you to the top


Supreme Sports Success Pack – Keep your eyes on the prize in all you do and develop the mental attitude to take you to the top

Sporting success requires a perfect combination of ability, opportunity, effort and a robust mental attitude.

So you've got potential and had success in your sport. What is going to let you ‘level up' and take on a whole new set of athletes that are just as talented as you?

Keep your eyes on the prize

An un-relenting focus on your big goal aligns small everyday efforts with your over-arching sporting goal.

You plan your life so you have enough sleep and rest, the right type of food, and the best company so you can keep on track with your training regime.  You have a hunger for learning about your sport and more importantly apply what you learn to make a difference no matter how small.

And this ‘Supreme Sport Success Mindset' hypnosis pack is carefully selected to instill the mental toughness and clarity you need to be the best.

Five Sessions Pack

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The Supreme Sports Success Mindset Pack contains these 5 carefully selected hypnosis sessions:

  • Develop Supreme Mental Toughness – physical strength, reaction speed and stamina are greatly influenced by your mental attitude, so develop your ‘grit' and determination with this hypnosis session.
  • Mental Imagery for Sports – visualization of a supreme sporting performance maximizes the effort you put into your training regime, as your body and mind can rehearse a winning performance, overcoming any barriers seamlessly and be your very best when the time comes to perform.
  • Believe in Yourself – make peace with your self doubts and give yourself a fighting chance with this powerful hypnosis session and develop unshakeable self-belief.
  • Be a Winner – train your brain to have a winner's mindset and stay focussed on success.
  • Get in the Zone – develop the skill of quickly accessing the effortless ‘flow' zone where movement is fluid and natural, yet effortlessly controlled.

How to use your pack

Each session in this pack will train your brain for sporting success.  Pick whichever title seems most appropriate to listen to first, and repeat this daily for a few days before bringing the next title into your playlist.

Keep going with the titles until you have all five in your play-list and then listen to them daily or whenever you need a boost.  For example, listening to ‘Get in the Zone' as a warm up to the real key sporting event will let you tap into your ‘flow' state and enhance your performance.

Download the ‘Supreme Sports Success Mindset' pack now and take your training regime to the next level. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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