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Be More Centered Pack – Learn advanced mind skills to allow you to stay centered in any situation


Be More Centered Pack – Learn advanced mind skills to allow you to stay centered in any situation

We use the word ‘centered’ to describe people who can remain calm in any situation, no matter how chaotic. Being centered is a concept from Eastern Martial arts which implies using the ground and balance to keep your stability and maintain control of a situation (or unruly attacker).On a physical level this means being aware, balanced and self directed rather than falling prey to other people pushing or pulling us. And what applies on the physical level also applies on the emotional.

If our happiness purely depends on outside circumstances, what happens to us or how other people behave then, in a sense, we are vulnerable. Of course circumstances inevitably effect everyone but knowing how to centre yourself as the central reality to any situation means you gain more control as to how you’ll feel.

Be more centered to gain more choice

Being centered means being able stand aside even from your own emotional conditioning (at least much of the time) and not be swept about like some dry leaf in a storm by your own feelings or those of other people. Being centered isn’t about being detached all the time but about having more choice as to how your respond to situations rather than just blindly reacting. When we master ourselves more we find true happiness and self reliance.

Five Sessions Pack

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The Be More Centered Pack contains these 5 carefully selected sessions:

  • Be More Centered – Learn to tune into your calm and still core and stop being thrown off balance.
  • Know Yourself – Understand your real motivations and how to better control your emotions.
  • Be More Objective – Rise above situations and unhelpful emotionality and see the bigger picture.
  • Quiet Mind – Find stillness inside of yourself and let the “noise” of life go.
  • Care Less What Others Think – Being more centered means being aware that other people have their perceptions of you but being less concerned with their opinion.

How to use the Be More Centered Pack

With this pack, you can listen to what you consider the most important for your specific case first, then when you start to notice results, move on to the next in your priority list. It is still important to listen to any sessions that you consider less important as they will support the others, but they can be used later in rotation.

Being more centered will affect you in many different areas of life. Start today and notice where you feel calmer and more confident first…

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