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Be Less Negative Pack – Developing positive habits of mind will help you in more ways than you can imagine


Be Less Negative Pack – Developing positive habits of mind will help you in more ways than you can imagine

Anyone who suffers from negative thinking knows that being negative all the time leaves you feeling demotivated, lacking in energy and low in mood. Research (1) has found that negative thinking, like a virus, can spread from person to person – attitudes are really infectious. In this way undue negativity can spoil relationships which, ironically, can lead to more negative thinking (“see, everything always goes wrong for me!”)

Negative expectations lead to negative results

What we expect determines how hard we try, how long we try for, and whether or not we try in the first place. Negativity blinds us to opportunities and changes positives to negatives. Like any bias, negative thinking influences not just how we respond to life, but also what happens to us in life (to a certain extent). Whether we have good or bad expectations can even affect our physical health. (2)

Hypnosis helps you change your thoughts and feelings

It's all too easy to think negatively when you feel down. Negative thoughts tend to both arise from negative feelings and cause them. What's more, negative thinking becomes, like anything we do repeatedly, a habit. Hypnosis is a powerful way of easily breaking habits as well as being a great “delivery system” for teaching new ways of thinking and feeling.

The more positive you are in thought and action the more resilient you become when times are tough. Being less negative is all about acquiring certain skills of mind which help you and everyone around you.

Five Sessions Pack

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The Be Less Negative Pack contains these 5 carefully selected sessions:

  • Stop Negative Thinking – a powerfully soothing way to change poor thinking styles to see the bigger picture.
  • Self Sabotage – we can trip ourselves up in all kinds of ways and much of self sabotage is unconscious. This session helps you get out of your own way for good.
  • Stop Complaining – every complaint is also a suggestion implanting negativity and defeatism. This affects not only the recipient, but also the complainer. Become part of the solution, not just another part of the problem.
  • No Regrets – the past is a lesson to learn from, not a regret to be bitter about. This session helps you leave negatives from the past behind.
  • Improve Your Mood – low, irritable, sad or resentful mood colours all your thoughts and actions. It's easy to see why people often assume they have no control over mood, but they do. This session helps you more readily and quickly change your mood no matter what.

How to use the Be Less Negative Pack

You'll probably spot in the list above one or more titles that apply most strongly to your situation. We recommend that you begin by listening to these titles until you notice a good level of improvement in those areas, before bringing in the other titles to include in your playlist.

Once you've listened to the sessions a few times (and sometimes sooner) you can expect to find yourself naturally over-riding habitual negative thinking styles and as a result feeling happier.

(1) See: Attributional style and depressive symptoms amongst children Seligman, Martin, E.P, Kaslow, Nadine, J, Alloy, Lauren, Peterson, Christopher; Tanenbaum, Richard L, : Abramson, Lyn Y Journal of Abnormal Psychology Vol 93 (2) May 1984 235-238.

(2) As the famous Placebo effect makes clear. Placebo pills are pills which contain no medicine but the person taking them believes they do and will make them better. This positive expectation is so powerful that all new drugs need to be tested against placebos before they come to market. The “nocebo” effect occurs when people expect negative health outcomes for themselves and this pessimistic mindset actually determines future health. Belief and expectation is powerful.

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