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Manage Your Money Pack – Adopt the strategies of a careful spender and avoid financial problems


Manage Your Money Pack – Adopt the strategies of a careful spender and avoid financial problems

Difficult economic situations put pressure on everybody, highlighting any shortcomings in financial attitudes or money-management skills. If you need help tightening your belt, take a look at our new Manage Your Money Pack.

How you spend your money can be a habit and habits can be broken and replaced with new, more financially astute behaviours. Marketing managers make use of our financial laziness and design offers to get you to spend more money than perhaps you intended or more importantly, can afford. Do you ‘buy one, get one free' on products you don't even need?

Putting a bag of washed salad leaves into your trolley fulfils your intention to ‘eat healthy' but if you're throwing the soggy leaves away later in the week, you've wasted money and undermined yourself. Multiply that simple act over all of your spending decisions and you've got yourself a whole opportunity for saving money and protecting your financial health.

Five Sessions Pack

Save $24.80 off the full price with our pack discount.

The Manage Your Money Pack contains these 5 carefully selected sessions:

  • Be Frugal – break the habit of thougtless spending and retrain your brain to be more frugal by making better decisions
  • Stop Impulse Buying – learn to buy what you need not what you want.
  • Save Money for Financial Freedom – develop the money-saving mindset and take control of your future finances
  • Relax with Financial Worries – learn to ‘compartmentalise' and stop thinking about financial worries when you should be relaxing.
  • Be Debt Free – train your brain to block the idea of taking a loan or being in financial debt and protect yourself from the expensive consequences of owing money.

Maybe you see a couple of titles that resonate more than others. And in the spirit of not spending more than you need to, go ahead and simply buy those titles. However, we recommend that you listen to one session per day, and rotate the 5 sessions as you like over the coming days. You will begin to notice a different attitude towards how you spend your money and start to make better decisions that all support your financial health. Maybe you feel motivated to review your debt and arrange a better repayment deal. Perhaps you will spend less time in restaurants and more time in the kitchen, and start to make inroads on your physical health too. And with the regular relaxation, you will feel calmer, and more in control generally.

Download the ‘Manage Your Money' pack today and secure your financial future.

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