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New You Pack – 5 hypnosis audios to kick start your personal development


New You Pack – 5 hypnosis audios to kick start your personal development

The New You Hypnopack is designed to ramp up your pzazz and va-va-voom. It will give yourself a kickstart, help you to feel energized, and ready to seize opportunities as they arise, in a motivated and positive way that makes the most of your time and increases your chances of success.

Hypnopacks are a great way to enjoy sessions. Each session can be used separately but they work together to reinforce and strengthen your motivation and desire to succeed.

Five Sessions Pack

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The New You Pack contains these 5 carefully selected sessions:

  • Reinvent Yourself – after a few wrong turns, dead-ends or meandering, how about finding a new destination for yourself? Use hypnosis to safely explore a new, different you and mentally rehearse how the new you thinks, feels and behaves.
  • Seize the Day – stop dreaming and start acting. Take your boat out of the harbour and feel the sea breeze on your cheek.
  • Self-Motivation Booster – use hypnosis to turn up the volume on your friendly, feisty coach in your head, and tune out distracting crowd noise.
  • Positive Thinking – no rose tinted glasses here! Instead, learn how to spot and act upon life's opportunities and build a resilient, positive attitude.
  • Have More Fun – a good laugh boosts the brain and body but they can be hard to find when obligations and expectations take over your life. Learn how to refocus your life so a little laughter sneaks into your schedule

Listen to the 5 audios from the ‘New You' hypnosis pack daily over the next 3 weeks and see how you feel at the end. Start by listening to one session a day, then after listening to them all, repeat the ones that resonate with you most. Be curious about which part of the new you will show itself first.

Go ahead, see what happens when you try a New You and make next week a whole new place to live.

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