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Public Speaking Fear Hypnosis Pack – Banish your public speaking nerves – and actually enjoy your next presentation.


Public Speaking Fear Hypnosis Pack – Banish your public speaking nerves – and actually enjoy your next presentation.

If you have a profound fear of public speaking, an upcoming presentation can ruin your life for weeks. You can be happily going about your day when suddenly it pops into your mind and bam, the clenching in the stomach, the sweaty hands, the fast heart rate.

And every time this happens, your mind and body are preparing to produce an extreme anxiety reaction in the presentation itself. To your unconscious, what you are thinking about it something that is going to threaten your very survival. And so of course it’s going to prepare you accordingly.

What your unconscious mind needs is a clear signal that everything is going to be OK.

It needs a strong message that public speaking, although a performance environment, is not actually a threatening one. And when it understands that, it can produce just the right level of heightened performance for you, without going off the scale.

Being a great public speaker is perhaps the best advantage you can have. A confident speaker is irresistable – and something people remember forever. Good public speaking tells others you are confident, capable and intelligent. And when it comes to the next round of promotions, that is going to count for a lot.

The Pack creators understand what you’re going through

This pack has been put together by two formerly terrified public speakers – Mark Tyrrell and Roger Elliott, co-founders of Hypnosis Downloads. They understand better than anyone just how awful public speaking can be. And just what a thrill it can be, once those nerves are taken care of.

Five Sessions Pack

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The Public Speaking Fear Pack contains these 5 carefully selected sessions:

How to use the Pack

We find that many people come to this Pack when they have a presentation looming. If that’s the case for you, and you don’t have much time, we recommend listening to Public Speaking Fear first, 2 or 3 times (although sometimes once is enough). At the same time, you can be practising your 7:11 breathing so you know how to bring down anxiety levels rapidly. Then the other titles can be folded in as and when you see fit.

If you have a little more time, we still suggest that you start with Public Speaking Fear, but then use the others in order of importance to you, although 7:11 breathing takes a little practice, so it is a good idea to include that from the start too.

You CAN learn to love public speaking

It is probably inconceivable to you that you could ever enjoy public speaking. It was to Roger and Mark. But we promise, it is possible, we’ve experienced it ourselves, and now presenting is one of the most rewarding things we do. So get on with your Pack, and let us know how you go. Good luck!

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