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Discover the Inner Strength to Handle a Difficult Medical Diagnosis. Look inside yourself and find the right way forward

How to Have a Calm Endoscopy. Anxiety about an endoscopy is completely normal. But just because it’s normal doesn’t mean it’s not a problem.

Tongue thrusting is a habit that causes you to press your tongue against the back of your teeth. Train Yourself to Stop Tongue Thrusting.

No matter if you’ve burned yourself on a hot stove, spent too long in the hot sun, got scalded from hot water or anything else, living with a burn is painful. It can keep you from enjoying daily life, participating in fun activities, and even just sleeping well. And then there’s the fear of scarring.
Take back control of your bladder and your life Latchkey Urge Incontinence. Do you often have to rush to the toilet as soon as you get home or arrive at work?
Use hypnosis to support your brain’s healing ability
Use the power of unconscious mind to fight the symptoms and causes of your disorder
Dial down the intensity and frequency of your itchy sensations

Harness the power of your subconscious to help you breathe correctly

COVID Recovery – Enhance your body’s natural defences to beat coronavirus quickly and calmly
Stop Touching Your Face – Increase your resistance to disease and boost your wellbeing by breaking the habit of touching your face
Reduce Autoimmunity – Use the power of hypnosis to reduce your symptoms and even improve your immune function
Reduce Parkinson’s Tremors – Access a state of deep calm that naturally reduces the frequency and severity of tremors
Tourette’s Treatment – Find out how you can redirect the energy that compels you to act out your tics
Aphantasia Treatment – Explore the true potential of your visual mind with the help of hypnosis
Acid Reflux Remedy – How hypnosis can help improve acid reflux
Going Gluten Free – Hypnosis can help you deepen your commitment to eating only what your body needs
Strong Natural Heartbeat – Hypnosis can help you feel calm and cope with symptoms of atrial fibrillation
Anismus Treatment – Use hypnosis to help treat inappropriate muscle tension
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction – Hypnosis can help you release subconscious muscle tension and relax deeply
Sensitive to Smells – Develop internal control over the way you respond to smells with hypnosis
Adrenal Fatigue Treatment – How hypnosis can help you rebuild your energy supplies
Coping with Hypothyroidism – Using hypnosis to promote resilience and healing
Vulvodynia Treatment – Use hypnosis to relieve pain and distress
Crohns Disease Treatment – Get relief from this painful condition with hypnosis
Parcopresis Treatment –
Mammogram Anxiety – Use hypnosis to calm your fears of breast screening
Improve Your Eyesight – Use hypnosis to help you make the most of eyesight improvement exercises
Overactive Bladder Treatment –
Placebo Effect – How to use hypnosis to maximize your body’s response to treatment
Hyperacusis Treatment – How hypnosis can help make your hearing less painfully sensitive
Healthier Choices – A hypnosis audio to train your mind to make better choices, more often
Contact Lenses – How hypnosis can help you feel comfortable inserting lenses
Natural Indigestion Remedy – Use hypnosis to gently relieve your indigestion symptoms and potentially reduce the likelihood of recurrence
Self Injection – Hypnosis has been used for centuries to make medical processes easier
Fight a Cold – Give your immune system extra support with deep, powerful relaxation
Natural Herpes Treatment – Hypnosis can be an effective natural herpes treatment by helping improve the immune response that keeps the herpes simplex virus in check.
Endometriosis Natural Treatment – Hypnosis is a natural endometriosis treatment you can use alongside medical approaches
Take Care of You – Create unconscious motivation to do the best for yourself with this gentle, permissive hypnosis session
Coping with Chronic Illness – How hypnosis can reduce the impact of chronic illness
Muscle Spasm Treatment –
Clean Your Teeth – Hypnosis can help you make cleaning your teeth regularly an automatic habit.
Stop Excessive Sweating – Why hypnosis can help calm an overactive perspiration response
Stop Popping Zits – Let hypnosis help you stop this skin damaging habit
Prepare for Surgery –
Healing Power Hypnosis – Prepare your unconscious mind for optimum health and healing
Wart Treatment – It sounds strange, but hypnosis can work for warts, and research supports it!
Essential Tremor – Using deeply relaxing hypnotherapy can help reduce shaking
Travel Sickness – The threat of motion sickness can make you avoid travel and dread journeys
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