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Prepare for Surgery –


Prepare for Surgery –

A controlled study 1 of 32 coronary bypass patients showed that those taught self-hypnosis pre-operatively were found to be more relaxed after surgery and had less need for pain medications and healed faster.  Another 2 showed a 56% reduction in anxiety in 26 patients who received pre-operative hypnosis.

Because surgery is such an uncertain and anxiety-provoking time for most people, many studies of this type have been carried out, and because hypnosis is deeply relaxing, often have a good result in reducing anxiety before and after surgery.

Prepare for Surgery will help you feel calmer before your surgery and more relaxed afterwards. The session also contains suggestions for rapid healing and for your body to accept the surgery as something helpful and supportive.

The session will prime your unconscious mind with suggestions to relax during the operation, feel calm before you go into surgery and heal rapidly after surgery.

Download Prepare for Surgery below and relax about your upcoming operation.

1 Self-hypnosis reduces anxiety following coronary artery bypass surgery
2 Hypnosis Reduces Preoperative Anxiety in Adult Patients

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