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Sensitive to Smells – Develop internal control over the way you respond to smells with hypnosis


Sensitive to Smells – Develop internal control over the way you respond to smells with hypnosis

Are you constantly overpowered by unpleasant artificial scents?

Do strong odours trigger physical symptoms like headaches or watering eyes?

Of course there are good things about having a heightened sense of smell. You can appreciate the subtleties of nice aromas or identify seasonings used in food.

But when you have hypersensitivity to smells, it can be very unpleasant when you encounter a nasty one that you just can't avoid, or even a nice one that is way too strong.

Unpleasant odours elicit negative emotions

You begin to resent certain smells and even anticipate them before you experience them, causing a barrage of negative emotions and frustrations.

Particular problem areas include:

  • Strong perfume
  • Artificial room scent
  • Someone's poor personal hygiene.

There are certain things you can do to lessen the effects that strong scents have on you, including:

  • Politely request someone uses less cologne
  • Change seats on public transport
  • Make your home a scent-free space.

But there are other times, for example when you're out socialising or at work, when strong scents can creep in and create an unbearable situation, which brings up negative emotions and physical repulsion.

What you need is a way to manage these symptoms, so the pain is lessened and you can enjoy the positives of having a good sense of smell without the negatives.

Hypnosis changes the way your brain perceives sensory stimuli

And the good news is there is a way to do this quickly. Many people with chronic pain conditions, as well as those who are allergic to anaesthetics, are able to greatly reduce, or even eliminate, their discomfort using hypnosis.

And you can use hypnosis to control your reactions to smells in the same way.

Stop Being Sensitive to Smells is an advanced audio hypnosis session that helps reduce the effect that strong, unpleasant odours have on you.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you'll notice that:

  • Your old emotional reactions to smells are much calmer
  • You feel indifferent to smells that used to bother you
  • You no longer dread experiencing certain smells.

Download Stop Being Sensitive to Smells and breathe freely again, as your old negative reactions fade into the background.

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