How to Remember to Clean Your Teeth Regularly, Automatically

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Clean Your Teeth – Hypnosis can help you make cleaning your teeth regularly an automatic habit.


Clean Your Teeth – Hypnosis can help you make cleaning your teeth regularly an automatic habit.

Does it just feel amazingly difficult to get a good tooth brushing and flossing routine going in your life?

Do you sometimes wish there was an easier way to remember though?

You don't need another lecture about why you should clean your teeth regularly, because you already know why. And you know that knowing why hasn't been that much help in actually getting yourself to pick up that toothbrush, lay on the toothpaste and brush those teeth for two minutes twice a day.

It's just too easy to forget, or be in a rush at the crucial time, or have something else more urgent or important to do.

But something is bugging you about your teeth. Maybe you've had a (perhaps not so jokey) comment from someone. Maybe you've picked up a slight unpleasant whiff. Or caught sight of yourself smiling in a mirror and got a shock at how discolored your teeth have got.

Perhaps you were a bit horrified the last time you did clean your teeth to see just what you spat out into the basin. Maybe there's a niggling pain going on…

Is it possible to clean your teeth without having to think about it?

Whatever's bothering you about the state of your mouth, it's pretty clear that what you need is an instinctive routine of cleaning your teeth. One you don't have to think about, that just operates by itself.

As automatically as the routine which gets you dressed before you leave the house. You don't think about that, do you? You just do it. It would feel all wrong to go out in your underwear, or nightwear. Or nothing.

Why can't cleaning your teeth be like that?

It can!

Bad habits can be replaced with good habits

Instinctive routines, automatic behavior patterns, are not just genetically derived. That ‘get dressed before you leave the house' routine may be one that you (and everyone you know) has as a template behavior, but you weren't born with it. You learned it.

There are societies where nobody has that routine. So that's the first important fact. You can deliberately acquire an ‘instinctive' routine.

Another important fact is that some instinctive routines you've acquired along the way may turn out to be not so beneficial after all. But, as they are not genetic, they can be modified through the same process that created them.

So, for example, the instinctive routine that has kept you always automatically giving more importance to other things than teeth cleaning can be replaced with an automatic teeth cleaning habit.

How hypnosis can help you generate a good dental care program

Clean Your Teeth is an audio hypnosis session which will get you replacing the old not-so-useful-after-all habit of sidestepping the mouth care with a much more useful new I-look-after-my-teeth-as-a-matter-of-course habit quickly and easily. Powerful hypnotic suggestions will directly access your unconscious – the part of your mind which generates the automatic templates which govern your regular behaviors.

While you sink into a deeply relaxing and enjoyable hypnotic trance, you will effortlessly

  • learn to appreciate clean teeth and mouth based pleasure in a whole new way
  • experience a powerful transformation
  • discover what it's like to feel an old unwanted habit being replaced by a new, healthier pattern
  • hypnotically experience having a new automatic teeth cleaning routine in your life as a matter of course

Download Clean Your Teeth now and free up that smile! You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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