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Healthier Choices – A hypnosis audio to train your mind to make better choices, more often


Healthier Choices – A hypnosis audio to train your mind to make better choices, more often

Do you wonder why you find it so hard to consistently make healthy choices for yourself?

Are you looking for a way to stop sabotaging yourself?

If we let ourselves be guided purely by instinct, we'd probably make much better decisions about what we eat, what we drink, and what we do on a daily basis. Our instincts evolved over millions of years, and they are finely honed to focus firmly and exclusively on our survival. But evolution has also gifted us with the power to over-ride our instincts when we choose. This means we don't always choose wisely.

The brain has evolved to enable us to make healthy choices

The part of the brain that we use to block instinct is the ‘pre-frontal cortex' and is the most recent part of the brain to evolve. This is where we imagine the future and think consciously about the consequences of our actions, and where we develop our ‘beliefs' about the world. ‘Beliefs' are what we hold to be true, and they can remain true when tested in the real world, however beliefs can also be a bit off target or simply false or harmful when reality kicks in.

How our beliefs complicate our choices

Beliefs have an astonishing emotional power over us. Humans notoriously cling to their ‘beliefs' even when they plainly see, thanks to the reality check by the pre-frontal cortex, that there is a very obvious mismatch between their ‘belief' and the reality in front of them.

This contradiction may be what underlies our difficulty with making good choices for ourselves. If we have developed a belief that some unhealthy behavior (such as smoking, or drinking, or over-eating) is actually ‘good' for us in some way, our knowledge of the harmful effects is not enough to keep us from choosing that behavior, even if we regret it afterwards.

So are our beliefs our masters?

Far from it! Understanding the mechanism that is in play is the first step to gaining some control over it. And there is a very powerful way to ‘get in on the act'.

Hypnosis can help you train your brain to choose wisely

Make healthy choices is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists that will enable you to tap directly into the unconscious processes and patterns that underpin your choices and begin to influence them.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you'll quickly begin to notice that

  • you begin to take a much longer view on your life
  • you are less easily ‘taken in' by instant satisfactions
  • you are less rigidly convinced of your own ‘beliefs'
  • you develop a naturally healthier and balanced mindset
  • you feel more in control

Download Make healthy choices and live more comfortably with your instincts.

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