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Tongue thrusting is a habit that causes you to press your tongue against the back of your teeth. Train Yourself to Stop Tongue Thrusting.


Train Yourself to Stop Tongue Thrusting

Learn how to use your mind to break the habit

Stop Tongue Thrusting

Do you or your child have a habit of tongue thrusting?

Are you ready to stop?

Tongue thrusting is a habit that causes you to press your tongue against the back of your teeth. Over time, it can cause crooked teeth, problems talking, trouble sleeping, and more. You may need braces or even dental surgery treatments to correct the damage.

But, like any habit, tongue thrusting can be overcome. You just need the right tools.

What causes tongue thrusting?

Tongue thrusting usually begins in childhood, and it can develop for many reasons.

It could be that you have a narrow mouth, a large tongue, or big tonsils. Sometimes, it's caused by allergies or congestion. Or, it may be that you sucked your thumb as a child and replaced that habit with tongue thrusting.

Luckily, no matter why it started, tongue thrusting can be stopped. If you're tired of having a crooked smile and sore teeth, or if you're just unhappy about it, tongue thrusting is something that you can move past.

Like all habits, tongue thrusting is really a problem of the brain. The habit is deeply rooted in your unconscious mind. If you want to stop the habit, you have to change things on a deeper level than just conscious thoughts.

How hypnosis can help

Stop Tongue Thrusting is an audio hypnosis session that will change how your mind and body react to tongue thrusting. By working directly with your unconscious mind, hypnosis can short-circuit the bad habit by changing how your mind responds to the unconscious urge to tongue thrust and help your tongue return to its normal behavior.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your session, you'll notice that you:

  • Become more aware of your habit
  • Find it easier to stop tongue thrusting once you notice it
  • Feel less pressure in your mouth
  • Speak easier and more clearly.

Download Stop Tongue Thrusting now and give your mouth a break! You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app, which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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