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Use hypnosis to support your brain’s healing ability


Are you struggling with recovery from a traumatic brain injury?

Do you need help staying patient or positive through the process?

Dealing with the fallout from a traumatic brain injury is hard. It changes your life in nearly every way.

No matter how committed you are to getting better, the slow pace of rehab work can be draining. It's natural to become frustrated or feel sad during this time.

The best way to speed up your recovery is to make sure your brain is ready to do the hard work of re-learning how to control the body.

How recovery happens

Just as no two injuries are the same, every recovery is also unique.

You may be re-learning how to walk. You might be trying to recover your ability to talk and use language. It could be that you need help with fine motor skills, like eating or typing. You may even need to learn new ways to live with different cognitive abilities.

But the basics of the recovery process is the same for everyone.

The brain has an incredible ability to rewire itself and create new pathways. Through physical therapy, doctors can help the brain rewire itself to help you gain better mobility, motor control, and more.

But, in the same way that sportspeople practice their sports using their imagination, so too can your imagination be used to help your recovery.

How hypnosis can help

Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery is an audio hypnosis session that will relax you and engage your imagination. The deep relaxation inspired by hypnosis helps create an optimal learning state in the brain, which may help speed up your recovery.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your session, you'll notice that you:

  • Develop a more positive perspective about your journey
  • Can focus better during physical therapy
  • Feel better about the progress you make
  • Look forward to relaxing deeply
  • Feel confident about using your imagination to support your recovery.

Download Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery now and support your healing. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app, which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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