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Improve Your Eyesight – Use hypnosis to help you make the most of eyesight improvement exercises


Improve Your Eyesight – Use hypnosis to help you make the most of eyesight improvement exercises

Do you use Bates eyesight improvement exercises?

Would you like to try hypnosis to add more focus and concentration to your exercises?

It's very important to have your eyes checked by qualified professionals if you notice any deterioration or problems with your vision. The eye is an extremely delicate and complex organ, and you should look after your eyes very carefully and take the best professional advice.

That said, it has long been noticed that how well we see is not just a matter of the physical function of the eyeball and its lens. How we use our eyes influences how we see, and our expectations also affect the clarity of our vision. This is why eye exercises such as the Bates Method really do make a difference to how we see, even though there is no discernible change in the structure of the eye.

How hypnosis can help you improve your eyesight

It has also long been known that suggestions made in hypnosis can powerfully affect unconscious functions like pupil dilation, heart rate and blood pressure. Improve Your Eyesight is an audio hypnosis session that brings together carefully selected exercises and hypnosis and takes all the effort out of remembering all the different steps.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, following the guidelines for the exercises and taking in the suggestions, you will:

  • enjoy the relaxing ‘time out' that these sessions give you
  • regularly and correctly carry out the appropriate exercises
  • benefit from the relaxation of overworked eye muscles
  • acquire good ‘looking habits'

Download Improve Your Eyesight below. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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