How Hypnosis Can Help You Fight a Cold

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Fight a Cold – Give your immune system extra support with deep, powerful relaxation


Fight a Cold – Give your immune system extra support with deep, powerful relaxation

Does catching a cold really get you down and render you ‘unfit for action’ for ages?

Do you sometimes wish there was a way to fight a cold that didn’t involve just taking loads of medication to mask the symptoms?

The miseries of the common cold are all too well known. At some time in your life you’ll have experienced them all: streaming nose, stuffed up nose, sore throat, congested sinuses, painful cough, sore chest, headache, pile of used tissues building up in the trash basket…

Medicine can’t do much to fight a cold

It’s the one virus we can all be absolutely certain of catching, at least once or twice a year, and sometimes more frequently. You’d think modern medicine would have found some way to conquer this pest by now!

But no. Apart from alleviating the symptoms with soothing syrups and decongestants, there is not much that medicine can do. You are on your own.

But you can help yourself when you have a cold

But there are things that you can do to help yourself through having a cold. You can strengthen your immune system so that it is in the best possible condition to fight off colds by using hypnosis to get your mind and body in a relaxed state that has been shown to improve immune response.

Why hypnosis is an invaluable tool in getting over a cold

Fight a Cold is an audio hypnosis session which builds directly on research findings that people who regularly practice deep relaxation measurably improve their immune system response.

It will take you through a simple method for relaxing quickly and profoundly. Powerful metaphorical imagery will work on your unconscious mind to help you respond effectively to cold infections.

You will also learn to master the art of ‘inner negotiation’ that makes it possible to suspend or suppress cold symptoms for a short while in case of special need.

This delightfully relaxing and invigorating session will help you

  • boost your immune system
  • deal more easily with symptoms
  • maintain a positive attitude while a cold lasts
  • recover more quickly
  • ‘switch off’ symptoms briefly when required

Download Fight a Cold now and give your body the support it needs. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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