Using Hypnosis for Muscle Spasms

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Muscle Spasm Treatment –


Muscle Spasm Treatment –

Do you regularly experience painful twitches or jerking movements in certain muscles?

Have you been given a physical all clear by your doctor, and yet the spasms continue?

Of course twitches, tics, cramps or intermittent jerky movements in the muscles, if they continue for any length of time, should always be checked out for physical causes. These can be symptoms of some neurological conditions, or a side effect of medication, or connected with deficiencies of certain mineral elements in the diet. But when all of these have been attended to, it’s time to ask some questions.

Questions about stress.

How much stress is your life under?

The effects of stress build up slowly, and you may not even notice them accumulating as you just get on with your life as best you can. Modern life has greatly increased the stresses we are exposed to. The constant rush, the deadlines, the incessant flow of email, texts and phone calls, the need to hold on to that job, the need to keep up with the Joneses, the ever lengthening to do list. And that’s before we get to private life!

Ideally, your private life, how you live with your family in the seclusion of your home, should be a stabilizing, balancing force. A place to recover from the pressures of the outside world and re-energize. But of course many people have just as much if not more stress at home. There may be relationship difficulties, issues with neighbors, problems with children, illness of family members, isolation, you name it. It’s all stress.

And what has stress got to do with muscle spasm? Or muscle spasm treatment?

The role of stress in tics and muscle spasms

When your body is faced with a ‘stressor’ – a stress-inducing experience – it responds by preparing for action. Physical action. So the muscles tense in readiness to ‘get to work’. When the action has been taken, the muscles relax and rest and recover. This is a simple and effective response we have evolved over millions of years and it works well in most cases. Trouble is, it evolved to suit a pre-modern life.

There isn’t a physical action you can take to respond to the stress of being shouted at by your boss. Or missing a deadline. Or having the phone constantly ringing. Or worrying about the failing health of your elderly mother. But your muscles don’t know that. They tense up, ready for action. Over time, this can lead to a build of stress in the muscles which can set off tics and twitches. Involuntary muscle spasms.

How reducing stress can help muscle spasm treatment

So it may be a good idea to take a long hard look at the sources of stress in your life to see what leeway you have to eliminate or reduce them. Nobody can get rid of all sources of stress, but you can learn to manage the stress that you must put up with in more beneficial ways – especially through developing good relaxation skills. It may sound strange to speak of ‘skills’ – but many people just don’t know how to relax!

Hypnosis can directly target muscle spasms

Muscle spasm treatment is an audio hypnosis session which will allow you to kill two birds with one stone. Created by psychologists, this powerful session will teach you how to use hypnosis to relax your body more deeply than you may have believed possible.

In one study 1, hypnosis was even shown to have a positive effect on long-term spasmodic torticollis, a neuromuscular disorder that are “extremely resistant to most therapies”.

As you enjoy the benefits of regular deep relaxation on repeated listening:

  • your nervous system becomes more calm and balanced
  • you find yourself handling stress and strain more effectively
  • you move through life so much more easily and smoothly
  • your muscle spasms diminish

Download Muscle spasm treatment and get some real physical relief.

1 Hypnosis and spasmodic torticollis–report of four cases: a brief communication.

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