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Natural Indigestion Remedy – Use hypnosis to gently relieve your indigestion symptoms and potentially reduce the likelihood of recurrence


Natural Indigestion Remedy – Use hypnosis to gently relieve your indigestion symptoms and potentially reduce the likelihood of recurrence

Are you fed up with repeating bouts of indigestion?

Are you looking for a natural indigestion remedy you can safely use at home?

People who’ve never or rarely experienced indigestion are likely to think of it as a trivial problem, easily resolved with some over-the-counter tablets or one of the liquid treatments. But if you regularly suffer painful heartburn or uncomfortable bloating and cramps after eating, you won’t find it at all trivial. It can make your life a misery and spoil your enjoyment of your meals.

Of course, in some cases repeatedly experiencing such symptoms may be an indication that there is an underlying health problem, and it’s wise to consult a doctor to find out whether medical treatment is needed. However, in most cases indigestion points to one or both of two possibilities.

Possible causes of indigestion

The first possibility is that there is something about the specific meal that has just been consumed that makes it hard to digest. This could be the actual content of the meal (what you ate) or the process of consuming it (how you ate). For instance, eating a lot of rich food very quickly can overload your stomach and bring on those burning pains and bloating.

The second possibility is that you may be under stress. Stress is known to cause indigestion and to make it worse if you already suffer from it. A tablet remedy can help with ‘what’ and ‘how’ related indigestion, but it won’t do much for stress-related problems.

A natural indigestion remedy for both types of indigestion

A remedy that has been proven 1 to help with both meal-related and stress-related stomach ache and heartburn is hypnosis. Researchers in Manchester in England found that indigestion sufferers treated with hypnotherapy did nearly twice as well as those treated with drugs or counseling – and the results lasted.

And you can benefit from this too.

Natural Indigestion Remedy is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists experienced in treating all kinds of stress-related problems. Simply taking regular time out to relax deeply and listen to these powerful hypnotic suggestions will

  • relieve the strain of any tension or stress you are under
  • help you to easily modify any eating patterns that might be contributing to the problem
  • condition your mind to associate mealtimes with calm and relaxation
  • give you the means to continue to look after yourself well
  • help to prevent recurrence

Download Natural Indigestion Remedy now and look forward to increased comfort. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

1 Long-term improvement in functional dyspepsia using hypnotherapy

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