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Reduce Parkinson’s Tremors – Access a state of deep calm that naturally reduces the frequency and severity of tremors


Reduce Parkinson's Tremors – Access a state of deep calm that naturally reduces the frequency and severity of tremors

Are you frustrated by the relentless tremors of Parkinson's disease?

Would you like to naturally reduce the frequency and severity of your tremors using hypnosis?

The tremors of Parkinson's disease can be maddening, and hand tremors are perhaps the worst of all. We use our hands to manipulate our environment, to experiment and create, to touch and connect with others. It's one of the things that makes us feel human.

It's little wonder then that this constant divide between what you're telling your body to do and what it's actually doing can make you want to tear your hair out. Apart from the physical difficulty, it can also be really hard to get used to the awkwardness and sympathy of others when all you want is to be treated like a normal person. Many people with Parkinson's develop depression as they get used to the new trajectory their life is taking.

While various medications and strategies can help ameliorate the symptoms of Parkinson's, their effectiveness is variable. Even when improvements are made with drug therapy, they are usually temporary. Over time, the symptoms always progress.

Different states, different symptoms

However, even in the later stages of the disease there are still good days and bad days. Certain situations, emotions, and states will tend to cause your symptoms to flare up, while others help reduce them. Maybe you've noticed these kinds of correlations yourself.

Your state of consciousness – awake or asleep, focusing or daydreaming, relaxing or working – can have a huge impact on the way your body functions. States of sleep or relaxation are commonly associated with a reduction in Parkinson's symptoms, so it makes sense that learning to develop and maintain a relaxed state might help ease tremors.

Hypnosis is proven to reduce Parkinson's tremors

Sure enough, evidence is mounting to support the use of relaxation and hypnosis in treating Parkinson's disease. In a 2009 study of 20 Parkinson's patients with moderate to severe tremors, 100% of participants experienced a dramatic improvement in tremors for up to 14 hours after treatment with relaxation and guided imagery.

In addition, case studies suggest that hypnosis can effect long-term improvements not just in tremors but also in mood, sleep quality, physical comfort, and quality of life.

Through hypnosis, you can access a state of consciousness that allows you to ‘detach' from your symptoms while still retaining the ability to focus and function normally. With practice, you will find that you can maintain this state right through the day, allowing you to achieve a very real and lasting improvement in your tremors.

How hypnosis can change your life

Reduce Parkinson's Tremors is an audio hypnosis session that will help you manage your tremors and feel more comfortable and content.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your session, you'll notice that you:

  • Have less frequent and less severe tremors
  • Feel a greater sense of general wellbeing
  • See an improvement in the quality of your sleep
  • Feel more confident and in control.

Download Reduce Parkinson's Tremors now and take control of your symptoms. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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