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Overactive Bladder Treatment –


Overactive Bladder Treatment –

Are you always feeling the urge to urinate even when you know your bladder isn't full?

Do you find that you have to constantly make careful plans so you're never far from a bathroom?

We're not suggesting that hypnosis is right for everyone with overactive bladder, unless you have had a medical checkup for other problems that could be causing too-frequent urination.

If your doctor diagnoses that your problems are due to the bladder muscle contracting too much, they may prescribe medication and/or advise you on a number of practical tactics you can use to reduce the symptoms. These can make a significant difference.

However, it is well established that psychological factors play an important role in the development of the kinds of symptoms you may be experiencing. This is good news (you may be surprised to learn), because it means that psychological interventions can be particularly effective 1 .

Hypnosis can help you get more bladder control

Overactive Bladder Treatment is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists that will help you take a personal hand in making things better for yourself.

Hypnotherapy can be used to normalize bodily sensations, and decreases focus on specific symptoms. In addition, it is particularly helpful in reducing anxiety around particular issues to allow them to assume their normal place in the hierarchy of concerns.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to this advanced hypnosis download, you'll notice a number of significant changes taking place. In particular, you'll become aware that

  • you feel a great deal more relaxed generally
  • the number of times you need to visit the bathroom steadily reduces to a normal level
  • you feel able to trust your body again
  • you can devote your energies to the things you want to focus on without worrying
  • you begin to enjoy life much more

Download Overactive Bladder Treatment and allow your body to return to a more comfortable state.

1 Hypnotherapy for treatment of overactive bladder: a randomized controlled trial pilot study.

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