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How Others See You – Gain insight into how you come across with the calm detachment of hypnosis
Stop Being a Bully – Hypnosis can help you move away from those bullying behaviors so you can treat others with kindness
Introducing Yourself Anxiety – Feel calm and confident at introductions with the help of hypnosis
Don’t be Intimidated – Use hypnosis to develop strategies that work
Less Confrontational – Learn how you can use hypnosis to transform how you come across
Coming on Too Strong – How hypnosis can help you set a more appropriate pace when you connect
Stop Being Self Centered – Re-orientate yourself outwards with hypnosis
Stop Passive Aggressive Behavior – Hypnosis can help you change deeply ingrained behavior patterns that hinder your life
Be Less Abrasive – Hypnosis can help you make your communication style more flexible and less harsh
Attention Seeking – You can use hypnosis to effectively stop attention seeking behavior and develop a more mature relationship style
Others’ Shoes – Use hypnosis to imagine a walk in others’ shoes and gain insight into their life.
Don’t Be Taken for Granted – Hypnosis is a great way to prepare yourself to take a stand against being taken for granted
Setting Boundaries – Hypnosis can quickly help you develop the inner attitudes for setting boundaries and effectively maintaining them
Be a Better Friend – If you want to be a better friend hypnosis can help you integrate the essential habits of good friendship
I’m OK, You’re OK – Hypnotically transform your interactions with others
How to Say Sorry – Learn how to say sorry even if it doesn’t come naturally
Don’t Hold Grudges – If you really want to be happier, don’t hold grudges!
Stop Fidgeting – Why hypnosis is helpful to help you stop fidgeting and start sending the right messages
Put Yourself First – It’s not selfish to put yourself at the top of your to-do list sometimes
Speed Dating Men –
Speed Dating Women – How hypnosis can help you present your best self in speed dating situations
Approaching Women – Develop the unconscious attitudes that women find naturally attractive with this advanced hypnosis download
Be More Attractive to Women – Use this powerful hypnosis session to develop naturally attractive characteristics and attitudes
Increase Your Social Circle – Make friends more easily using motivational, confidence building hypnosis
Smile More – Not smiling enough is a habit, and it’s one that can scare people off! Get some hypnotic help arranging your face in a more attractive way.
Negative People Shield – Create a hypnotic ‘shield’ to stop gloomy people infecting your mood
Don’t Take It Personally – Why hypnosis can help you escape the trap of taking things too much to heart
Become Popular – Use hypnosis to make the unconscious changes that make you more popular with others
Be Less Critical – Let this gentle hypnosis session help you be more creative around helping others improve
Be More Attractive to Men – Tap into your primal instincts to connect with men who really appreciate you
Accepting Compliments – Let this gentle hypnosis session help you feel comfortable to accept compliments and handle praise
Feel Connected – Create feelings of strong emotional and social connection using hypnosis
Eye Contact – Being more relaxed around people helps you be more comfortable making eye contact
Dealing with the In-Laws – Hypnosis can give you the resources to stay calm when you need to
Build Instant Rapport – Use this subtle hypnosis audio to train yourself to get people on your wavelength
Fear of Confrontation – Why hypnosis can help you be calm in confrontations and stand up for yourself
Be More Charismatic – Use this subtle, permissive hypnosis session to be more charismatic and influence others instinctively
Avoid a Bad First Impression – Prepare your unconscious mind to make the best first impression possible when you meet new people
Be Approachable – Use hypnosis to make friends more easily when you relax socially and give out friendly ‘vibes’
Fear of Authority – Learn to relax around people in positions of power or authority figures
Stop Judging by Appearances – Let this gentle, indirect hypnosis session update your knee jerk responses to people
Stay Calm with THAT Person – Move past that unwanted, involuntary reaction with the help of hypnosis