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Stop Passive Aggressive Behavior – Hypnosis can help you change deeply ingrained behavior patterns that hinder your life


Stop Passive Aggressive Behavior – Hypnosis can help you change deeply ingrained behavior patterns that hinder your life

Do you find it hard to be direct with people and actually tell them when you're annoyed or upset with them?

Do you tend to deal with your negative feelings through passive aggressive behaviors like not answering messages or not meeting your obligations?

Most of us don't like feeling angry, and we certainly don't like being on the receiving end of someone else's anger, even if it's justified. Anger is a very difficult emotion to handle, whether it's our own or another person's.

Like it or not, however, there are times when we will get angry. How we cope with this depends to a very large extent on what we were taught about anger as children and how we saw our own family deal with it.

How family history can lead to passive aggressive behavior

A great many families have a sort of unwritten ‘law' that only one person is allowed to be angry. That's usually (though not always) dad (or his equivalent).

His anger is greatly feared, and great care is taken not to stir it up by doing anything he might disapprove of. Any anger that the children might feel, or try to express, is ‘naughty' and subject to punishment. This doesn't, of course, stop the children from feeling angry – only from expressing it openly.

Other families take a completely different tack with anger. They let it all hang out, with rows, fights, name-calling, aggressive behavior and general free-for-all self-justifying nastiness.

Children raised in such families tend either to take up the same behavior because it's all they know, or inwardly revolt and vow to cut every sign of anger from their lives.

But if you can't express anger openly, or can't allow yourself to feel angry, your anger doesn't go away. It goes underground, and leaks out in what we now call passive aggressive behavior – where on the surface you act all nice and sweet, but what you actually do causes upset, annoyance, distress and even real harm.

And inwardly you feel a certain sense of satisfaction. “Hah! I got my own back!”

So how do you stop being passive aggressive?

The fact that you're reading this page is a sign that this way of dealing with angry feelings is no longer working so well for you (if it ever did).

Maybe relationships that are important to you have begun to suffer – or have even been ruined. Maybe you just yearn to be more honest with yourself and others and build deeper, more satisfying relationships.

But it's hard to break the habit, isn't it? Deeply ingrained behaviors that feel ‘normal' and ‘natural', even though you don't like them any more, and don't want to do them, can feel like they have an unshakable grip, almost as if they ‘control' you. Even when you try to act differently, you find yourself slipping back into the old patterns, and wondering if it's really possible to change.

You'll be glad to hear that it is possible to change, and that change can happen much more easily and quickly than you think.

How hypnosis can help you change ingrained patterns quickly and easily

Stop Being Passive Aggressive is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists that will help you bring about the change you want by working at the level of the unconscious mind.

Change is not a matter of trying to overrule unconscious patterns with your conscious will and more a matter of aligning your conscious will and your unconscious mind to work together for your good.

As you relax deeply and listen repeatedly to these powerful hypnotic suggestions, you'll notice more and more exciting changes. You will:

  • notice that you feel much more relaxed generally
  • experience a liberating shift in perspective
  • begin to understand anger in a whole new way
  • become aware when anger is genuinely useful and act accordingly
  • still be able to choose to express or conceal angry feelings

Download Stop Being Passive Aggressive and be open and honest about where you're coming from. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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